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In Memoriam

Well-known anti-nuclear activist and writer Marie-Therese Danielsson died in early February (2003) at the age of 79 in French Polynesia. She and her late husband, Bengt Danielsson, a crew member on the Kon Tiki raft expedition from South America to French Polynesia in 1947, were outspoken critics of French nuclear tests at Moruroa and Fangataufa atolls in French Polynesia. The Danielsson's 1974 book Moruroa Mon Amour is credited with shaping world opinion against the French tests, which ended in 1996. "In spite of pressures and threats against them, the Danielssons never changed their line," pro-independence leader Oscar Temaru told the newspaper Les Nouvelles de Tahiti. Following funeral services, her remains were sent to Sweden.

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