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Andreu Mateu (Spain)

I was born in Reus (Tarragona). From early years I got fond of motorbikes. When I was 7 years old my father died. I studied in several schools and although never was a good student I was able to get a decent education. In 1987 I moved to the U.S.A. with a title of Lawyer in Enterprise Sciences and Masters in Administration of companies by ESADE and a full knapsack of dreams. After five years of experience in New York, in a good day I realized that there arrived the moment for giving a change to my life. Disconnecting the telephone at my house I dedicated myself to reflections. It had to plan my future and for this reason I decided to elaborate a list of dreams: to fly by air, to sail the oceans, to submerge to the depths of the seas, to cross deserts, to scale mountains, to explore the world, to know its countries, their people and their cultures... Working on this list of dreams I realized that the common denominator of all of them was to know our planet and the diverse forms to move around it. Thus the idea came to me to make an expedition around the world with three objectives: go through the maximum number of countries, use all the forms of transport possible and to surpass by the way a series of challenges put by me to test myself and to explore my own limits. One week later I decided to leave my work in the Commercial Office of the Embassy of Spain, to sell everything and to make a reality that dream that already counted on a name: "The Transcovery Project".


On the 11th of August 1992 I set off for my dream journey around the world. During three years and two months that I was travelling, my office was the world and my equipment of work: a camcorder, two cameras to photograph and a laptop. With this little equipment, I initiated an adventure that put my life on risk in several occasions.
To cross the Straits of Gibraltar by swimming, the Atlantic - in solitaire on board of a small sailboat of nine meters; to cross Europe on bicycle and Africa - on motorbike: these are only some examples of the multiple challenges that I put myself on while travelling through 120 countries in more than 130 different forms of transportation.

In October of 1995 I returned to Spain with more than 12,000 photographs and 170 hours of filming in video. While I was organizing all this material for my motivational conferences, articles about the trip and radio programs, a prestigious international consultant Coopers & Lybrand entrusted me the organization of a program of Motivation Outdoor.

Conscious that the beneficial thing of my project had so far been to achieve my personal goal - to  carry out my dreams and adventures, challenging my own self, - I impassioned the idea of being able to share and to transmit my experiences to the world of business.

And I decided to dedicate the remainder of my life to divulge the benefits that a determined mentality, as well as some outdoor challenges can have for people and organizations. And now I am doing all this through the business Dreams & Adventures, one of the pioneering businesses and leader in the organization of outdoor events and activities for businesses.

After 10 years of arduous work in this business the moment to launch me has arrived again, taking me back to a dream, a dream that keeps returning to me since many years ago. Now the time has come to make it true :
to ROW across the Atlantic, alone and unsupported.