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Dispatches from a Lifetime of Adventure By John Peck

Foreword by ‘Everest doctor’ Dr Charles Clarke

Rethink Press | Feb 2016 | £11.99 Paperback | £3.99 eBook
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 “Restless is a refreshingly honest “warts and all” reflection based on hard­learnt experience. If you have ever had great ambition but perhaps lacked the courage to go for it, then this is the book for you” – Alan Hooper, Founding Director, Centre for Leadership Studies, Exeter University

 There have been many books by famous climbers, endurance athletes, champion rowers, senior leaders and explorers. Far fewer are the accounts of extraordinary adventures by ordinary men and women. John Peck is that ordinary man and Restless is his extraordinary account of a life spent testing his resilience and resourcefulness to the limit.

John’s adventures can only be described as eclectic. In 2004, John became the oldest British person to row across the Atlantic Ocean unsupported. He has summited unclimbed Himalayan peaks, walked to the North Pole, endured the notorious Marathon Des Sables and even set the first­ever record for rowing from London to Paris by whaler boat. All this and more on top of being a senior policeman in London during the riot­torn 1980s.

But this is no hard man’s peak­bagging book. Restless concerns itself with what is to be learnt in the crucible of the adventure experience and the price that often has to be paid for that knowledge. This is an inspiring amateur's tale, warts and all. Whether it’s climbing a mountain, running a marathon or running a business, Restless is for anyone who has ever wondered if they have what it takes to do the seemingly impossible.

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