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Jasmine 2



There is a lot of equipment for example : the best Ray Marine equipment, life raft, Schenker 30 (absolutely no problem during the crossing, perfect storage), lithium batteries (super capacity and very short time to charge), HiFi radio Fusion, auto pilot, trailer,

She has 4 pairs of excellent carbon oars and all security equipment and spare.

Jasmine 2 Equipment list

Amazing electronic Ray Marine equipment
2 Solbian Solar Panels 100 W each
Autoradio marine Fusion RA 70 bluetooth + 2 speakers on deck
2 batteries  Lithium 90 am/h each, super capacity, super powerful, super efficient
2 bluetooth Victron controller solar panel

Life Raft in container, revision in 2021

1 para anchor and 70 m line

3 drogues and 50 m line
Towing lines

3 survival suits Intrepid Pioneer MK8

1 Epirb 1 Ocean Signal Rescue me

3 individual balise PLB 1 Ocean Signal

4 individual life line

Perfect storage watermaker Schencker 30
One Shencker electric pump in spare with total spare kit 

Spare for bilge pump

Electric pump and manual pump

4 safety knives in holster on deck

1 Jet Boil

1 auto pilot ST 2000

1 handheld VHF Standard horizon float with charger

2 Crewfit 180 N Pro


1 Anchor with chain and rope

Guard line in carbon tube (excellent security)
4 pairs of carbon oars Rannoch and Crocker

And all the security stuff and miscellaneous spare


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