The ORS Int. is the official adjudicator of ocean rowing records for Guinness World Records



Loose equipment

Fixed equipment

-1 pair of Xcel oars (as new, never used only carried as spare in 1 Atlantic crossing)

-Katadyn 35 Survivor manual water maker (as new, never used only carried as spare in 1 Atlantic crossing)

-Katadyn 40E service kit (requires new biocide, but otherwise contains everything needed

-2 x spare Henderson hatches

-Flares container (no flares)

-Ocean row medical kit (from Ash Medical, only contains non prescription drugs)

-Ocean safety para anchor

-Ocean safety drogue (as new)

-50m and 70m main lines for para anchor/drogue

-100m collapse line for para anchor

-Iridium Extreme phone with handsfree charging cradle inside cabin

-Icom M73 handheld VHF radio

-Hand held bilge pump

-Some tools

-Extinguisher in both cabins


-Custom made cabin bags in rear cabin


-Navionics Gold maps for Caribbean on CF card

-McMurdo EPIRB

-2 water containers

-Flags for Gran Canaria, Barbados, and British visiting flag

-DeGrraff 28ft twin axle braked trailer in excellent condition, includes light board, spare wheel and hitch lock. Rated to 2.6t
-Iridium external antenna

-Raymarine 49E VHF radio

-Raymarine 650 AIS

-Raymarine A50 chart plotter

-Raymarine ST60+ deck repeater


-Katadyn 40E water maker

-Sony stereo head unit with 1 pair of deck speakers

-5 x Solaro solar panels

-MorningStar regulator and meter

-2 x Rolls marine batteries (95ah each. The batteries on each day was reading 13.2V during the day, even cloudy day, and in evenings would be around 12.9V)

Currently the following items are waiting to be repaired from the Atlantic crossing:

-VHF radio

-GPS antenna

-VHF antenna

-Oar gates

If this boat is to be used in an organised event, you may require the following:

-Some medical drugs to complete the first aid kit (not a lot, just a few items)

-Life raft

-1 or 2 pairs of oars (depending if solo or pairs)

-Airtime for sat phone

-Tracking device



The boat will be available ready to row, with Rossiter's surveying and preparing for sea worthiness in March 2015.
All items stated above waiting to be repaired will be resolved before collection.

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