The ORS Int. is the official adjudicator of ocean rowing records for Guinness World Records


This equipment goes with London Pride when sold:

Ocean safety- Ocean -model liferaft 4 - person - Solas B

Comar AIS Radar transponder

Garmin Map 451 GPS, fixed with Antigua maps

Clipper external bulk head mounted GPS repeater

Magellan GPS, handheld with spare batteries

Watermaker (Katadyn) 40 E plus complete spares kit. Has been pickled

9505a Satellite phone and data kit

VHF, fixed VHF DSC unit with external aerial

Drogues, 3 x various sizes (inc. 1 x from Australian paras) + Lines

Safety harness and line x 2

Amplifier mounted in cabin inc iPod connector/charger + iPod external Waterproof Speakers on deck

Comprehensive Medical kit .. need replacing analgesics/antibiotics

Fire extinguishers 2 x 1kg dry powder

Personal locator EPIRB + ACR Global fix EPIRB

2 Batteries 105AH capacity each - deep cycle gel batteries

Battery monitor measure amps, volts and amp hrs

Solar panel min 100w peak

Battery charge controller

External AIS audio and visual alarm

Katadyn handheld water maker

Para anchor (Australian Paras)

Water containers

2 x Kru Life jackets with charge cartridge

Head torch

Epoxy repair kit, marine sealant (must go off underwater)

Combination spanners (7mm - 24mm) 1 set

Small hand axe mounted x 2

Self amalgamating tape

AA/AAA rechargeable Batteries (24)

Strobe flashing light

Foghorn - aerosol with spare canister or mouth operated

Flashlight x 2. water resitant with spare bulbs and batteries

Waterproof toolbox

5 piece screwdriver set

Alan keys

Pack of metric drills


Stanley blades (1 pack)

hacksaw blades (1 pack)

Buckets x 2 (12 inch with lanyards)

Grab bag

Signalling Mirror

Signalling whistle

Silver foil blanket

Knife (swiss army or similar)

Small compass

Seasick tablet/mini first aid kit/personal medication

Emergency fishing kit
Daylight signalling mirror

Knife x 2 mounted

Throwing line + 20m of bouyant line


Surfing leashes x 2

Misc Food from BeWell (high calorie dehydrated expedition rations)

Towing/heaving live Min 50m sea anchor line doubles as towing line (50m x 10mm)

6Kg anchor / 10m chain 30m of 12mm nylon rope

Navigation light

Internal lights x 2 in front/back cabin

Rowing gates and pins

Oars (3 pairs)

Bilge pump fixed x 2

Bilge pump handheld

Jackstays (plastic min 5mm)



Sliding seat + ausie rails. 1 x spare

Footplates (2 x feet steer) and footstraps

Towing eye and strop

Stern bridle and fixing eye

Rowing compass

Cabin Ventilators x 2

Henderson TCL Type 4 round hatches

Map - AC 1869 Gran Canaria to El Hierro

Map - AC 2064 Antigua

Map - Routing chart showing wind / current for December

Manual handle for watermaker

Consumer unit fused switch panel


Manuals (VHF, GPS 152, Kay Suirvivor 06, GPS Meridian)

150mm adjustable spanner

150mm pliers

250mm mole grips

junior hacksaw

Stanley knife

Small hand drill

Bilge pump spare kit and diaphragms inc spare handle

Watermaker spares kit

Steering spares

Rowing seats and spares

Rowing gate spares

Additional details

The boat gunwhales have been glass fibre reinforced

The Drogue anchor bolts have been glass fibre reinforced

The Para anchor mountings have been reinforced with carbon fibre.

The internal hatches have been ‘West system’ coated

The stretcher is set up for two feet steer but can simply be retro fitted for one foot steer if necessary.

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