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Papa Delta is a pair at present with 2 rowing positions in place but she would make a fine single as well. Made from foam core fibreglass she is light weight, stiff and fast. She has reliably crossed the Atlantic twice now since her manufacture in 2010, most recently in the 2015 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge event. Since then she has been thoroughly cleaned and the inside of the cabin repainted. She also comes with a vast inventory of spares, equipment and accessories (full inventory below) making her nearly ready to enter the next race already. There is currently a footsteer system in place which performed flawlessly in the last crossing but there is room to upgrade to an autohelm if desired. The required number of oars are present aboard the boat (6 for pairs setup) and these are all matching, black, full carbon shafts with makon spoons - incredibly lightweight and easy to row with.

General Yellow tag dry bag (elec spares) Red-tagged dry bag (general spares)

2x safety harness
2x safely line with locking caribbinas
3x fenders with line
2x Kru sport pro 175N lifejackets with manual trigger, CO2 inflation

3x seats
6x full carbon oars. Makon spoons Wooden handles
1x removable daggerboard 
1x solid fibreglass rudder
1x boathook 

2x 'Intrepid pioneer mk 8' survival suits - xl
3x buckets with lanyards
3x Imray charts (Antigua, Canaries North Atlantic passages)
Oral fog horn (paaAAAAaaRp!)
Wind up waterproof torch

3x packs waterproof matches
Icm23 float n flash handheld vhf with charger
1x hand held bilge pump
2x jetboil zip camping stoves
1x black peli case with solar panel charger, 12v charger, spare battery and power adaptors for Iridium

Extreme Satphones
2x10litre freshwater tanks
2x 1kg dry powder fire ext (mounted in cabin and hold compartments)     
1x Katadyn survivor 35 manual watermaker (used and preserved)
1x Katadyn powersurvivor 40e (used - needs service and new motor or replacing entirely)

- box of assorted katadyn spares and instruction   manuals for katadyn 40e power survivor. 

-1x spare solar charge battery monitor

-roll of amalgamating tape

-spare AIS GPS antennae

-spare AIS VHF Arial

-millimetre with continuity test buzzer

-length of spare coaxial cable

-2x lengths spare power cable for accessories, electrical devices etc.  
-length of spare battery cable

-PVC insulation tape

-spare battery master switch

-assorted cable ties and coaxial connectors

-assorted bungees
-assorted steering line and lanyard rope
-1x quarantine flag
-high strength sticky back velcro
-2x spare co2 canisters for life jackets  
-snorkel and mask
-hand siphon
-large cable ties
-1x spare henderson hatch lid
-service kit for compac 50 bilge pump
-tube of vaseline mechanical grease 
-assorted bilge pump tubing
-spare cable gland
-assorted wooden bungs
-spare handle for compac 50 bilge pump with lanyard
-rocker arm and clamping plate kit for compac 50 bilge pump
-assorted pieces of 5mm rubber
-assorted stainless steel carabines    
-assorted fibreglass repair materials

-spare concept2 footplate

2x brand new standard nylon gates
-2x concept2 footstraps
-2x gate pins with spacers
-assorted gate inserts


Hi-viz emergency grab bag (20L): Blue tagged 5l grab bag (toolkit): Medical Supplies:

-Cat C vessel first aid kit expiry Dec 2017
-2x full body thermal protective aids 
-Garmin handheld GPS with spare battery and 12v charger 
-signalling mirror and whistle on floating lanyard
-6x white light sticks 
-Cannad marine safelink solo PLB
-PLB rearming cap 
-2x tubes of 10 glucose tablets expiry Dec 2017
-60x seasickness tablets
-roll of silver duct tape      
-Firefly 3 solas strobe light (spare for lifejacket)
-1x badass pocket knife
-plastic whistle (spare for lifejacket)

-1x stubby hammer
-1 pair scissors 
-7x assorted screwdrivers    
-1x manual drill
-Mole grips     
-assorted allen keys
-8x assorted spanners
-1x large metal file  

Assorted medical kits
-eyes/stomach and gut
-analgesics/antibiotics and allergy
-skin/toothache and tooth repair
-3x Savlon sprays
-3x Assos chamois cream    

-1x Bioguard surgical hand gel


On deck Ropes Electrical Equipment

Ocean safety ISO liferaft with Over24hr
survival pack included. Next service due Dec 2017. (4 man)
2x race ready knives in holsters bolted to gunnels
Whale compac 50 manual bilge pump with 2 way valve to pump out cabin if req
Illuminated bulkhead mounted compass 
Speed log feed screen (from chartplotter)
Gps feed screen (from chartplotter) 
4x gunnel mounted cleats
2x bow mounted cleats
2x rowing positions/cast aluminium gates with adjustable backstays and stainless steel backing plates
Manual footsteer in bow rowing position
1x large solar panel (cabin top)
4x medium solar panels (cabin sides and gunnels)

Bow and stern 14mm octoplait nylon strops/bridle with retrieval lines  

Anchor assembly including 10m chain, 6kg anchor, long length 14mm octoplait nylon 2x 60cm diameter drogues with lines
50m towing line (14mm octoplait nylon)

Man overboard safety throwline   

Para anchor assembly including 9ft parachute, 70m 14mm octoplait nylon line, 90m 8mm floating retrieval line.


Standard horizon CP300 GPS chartplotter
Standard horizon eclipse DSC+ VHF radio
Digital yacht AIT2000 Class B AIS transponder  
SeaMe radar transponder
2x 12v charging sockets
2x batteries in watertight, underfloor compartment



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