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Woodvale Four Class
 Ocean Rowing Boat




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Sale Summary



Rowing Position





Safety Features

8.8m (29ft)

1.9m (6.4ft)

2 x grove guided rowing positions, with leather hand made seats & Concept 2 foot positions

Extreme lightweight & very strong carbon fibre & kevlar composite with foam core

Fore & aft (navigational) passenger cabin. 24 water tight integrated stows (various sizes)

GPS chart plotter, integrated compass, auto-helm, navigational lights

128Amp batteries x 3, 250W Solar Panels x 4, various 12V power points, various power readers

Vessel EPIRB, personal EPIRB, cabin VHF radio, personal VHF radio, life raft, integrated AIS


Boat Information

    Non Electrical Fixtures & Fittings

This Woodvale Fours Class of ocean rowing boat was specifically designed to tackle the arduous waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and coast of Britain it was fine tuned by rowing legend Simon Chalk who has rowed more oceans than anyone else in history (9 & counting) and was built with speed and records in mind.
 It was also fitted out with cutting edge safety and electronic features to make ocean rowing as safe and comfortable as possible. She is built out of lightweight carbon and Kevlar composite making her light and very strong.

 Additional modifications were made in 2016 by Rannoch Adventure (world leading ocean rowing specialist), including fine tuning the steering apparatus, rowing positions and usability of the vessel whilst at sea. The boat also benefited from a re-spray (hi-gloss white) before the Rough & Ready voyage.


X-Cell Oars

Fixed Nautical Compass

Fixed Bilge Pumps

Jack Stays

Grab line

Towing Eye & Strop

Stern Bridle & Fixing Eyes

2 x Rowing Seats

Deck Hatches

Rudder & Pintol

Rowlocks & Outriggers

Cabin Vents

Anchor & Chain

Rowing Footplates

Handheld Bilge Pump

Boat Trailer


4 x plus two extra which require reconditioning (approx cost £200)

Fixed to rear passenger cabin, for use on deck & navigating inside the rear cabin 

Fore/aft cabin and deck bilge pump for steering pit

2 x newly fitted (2016) safety tether lines, running either side of the rowing positions

Safety throw bag for man-over-board procedure

Fixed to the bow (anchorage fixing), eyelet securely built into the vessels structure

Eyelet/cleats securely built into the vessels structure

Brand new, engineered to a simplified design with spares (bearings, wheels, fixings)

16 x Henderson water tight hatches (plus spares)

Fundamental equipment new 2015, designed with durability & accuracy in mind

Fundamental mechanism replaced 2016, essential to get rowing heights correct

Water valve cabin vents – designed to reduce condensation inside passenger cabins

7kg plough anchor, 10m (4mm) chain, 30m (3 strand) warp

Fiberglass composite footplate with Concept 2 foot bindings

5litres/minuet capacity with extension hose   

De Graff trailer (bespoke construction) with spare mounted wheels & jockey wheel 


  Boat History

The boat was constructed in Cornwall in the early part of 2011. She entered the record books in 2011 as the first and fastest unsupported four-man to cross the Indian Ocean.
She then took part in the 2013/2014 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. She was sold to the Rough & Ready team (R&R) and in 2016 circumnavigated UK mainland, proving the boat suability and durability through copious conditions.

  Crew Support

In addition to the sale of the vessel/equipment the R&R team are available to offer assistance and advice, including at least one day on water mentoring in various locations. We would also be happy to do any team or sponsor presentations if you felt this would be of value. We should also be able to arrange a safety boat if you felt the need. We have established excellent contacts with the Coast Guard, RNLI in a number of location in UK. R&R will assist with transferring all licenses including MCA & Small Ships Register (SSR)



Safety Equipment & Deck Equipment


Communications & Electrical Equipment




Signaling Equipment

Emergency Equipment

Sealed Torch

 Fire Safety  Equipment


 Para Anchor & line

 Drogues (x 3)


 Deck Bolts etc.

Survival Suits (x 4)

 Waterproof Grab   bag


Kannad EP10080 Safe Link CAT.2 GPS EPIRB

Accusat Pocket Pro Personal Locator Beacons x 2

Emergency signaling equipment: mirrors, horn, whistle

Emergency/life saving equipment: foil blanket

2 x waterproof torches

Fire blanket with fixed stow container, fore cabin extinguisher, aft cabin extinguisher

Floating knife, 2 x hooked serrated knife (fixed to deck), 2 x filleting knife (fixed in cabin)

Large water parachute, designed to act as a deep water anchor or to stabilize in rough seas   

Deployed in the water upwind of a vessel to slow its drift or to maintain a desired heading

Various warps extending to 350m plus 

Various fixing/anchoring points, deck stowage and netting

Emergency survival suites to be worn in the water and life raft

Used in event of ‘abandon ship’ to contain – meds, food, water, handheld VHF, survival bag

 Batteries (x 3)

 Solar Panels (x 4)

 Nasa Battery Monitor

 Solar panel control


 Depth Sounder

 Speed repeater

 Auto-Helm (x 2)

 VHF Radio

 Chart Plotter


 12V Charging Points

 Instruction Manuals


Rolls AGM series S12 128Amp batteries (replaced 2016)

Solaro 250W Solar Panels (double the power of a comparable ocean rowing boat)

Nasa BM-1 compact battery monitor - supply 12V. 0.5Amp

Sunsaver Duo solar panel controller/charger

Raymarine ST60+ Repeater

Raymarine ST40 Depth Sounder

Raymarine ST40 Speed repeater

Raymarine ST2000 Tiller Pilot - auto pilot  

Icom IC-M411 Class D DSC VHF Radio

Garmin GPS Map 551 chart plotter, linked to AIS

Comar AIS transponder & receiver

5 x ports aft passenger cabin, 1 x port deck, 1 x port fore passenger cabin

All instruction manuals (waterproof copies) & power/consumption breakdown

Equipment Not Included


 Water Maker



 Cabin Mattresses

 Life Raft


  Osmosea Row 20 Watermaker (row specific) is currently fitted, in need of repair – sold separately

  Refurbishment of 2 x X-Cell Oars, made in Cornwall manufacture offer a full repair service

  It may be prudent to have all lines and ropes checked and replaced if necessary

  Not included, these are not expensive if you adapt off the shelf stuff – XXXL dog bed 

  Not included, hard shell 4-man zodiac rafts - rental cost around £350/year.   R&R can advise







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