The ORS Int. is the official adjudicator of ocean rowing records for Guinness World Records





Equipment included in sale:

Any work required:

1 Secondhand Ocean Rowing Boat in grp 24ft long built by Rossiters Boatyard UK in 2008  
2 UK Ship Registered Radio License  
3 Solara semi-rigid Solar Panels fitted all around topsides with 2x sunduo regulator & diodes as reqd  Recommend replacing stern cabin solar panel
4 Stainless Steel deck eye-bolts and plastic mooring cleats  
5  Lewmar Ocean hatches of various sizes for both cabins and two other Lewmar hatches on deck  
6 9” circular WT Henderson hatches fitted on rowing deck and in both cabins (Replaced 2017)  
7 Lloyds approved marine plywood & grp dagger board with blanking cap Copper antifouled coated
8 Hardwood rowing slide beds, alloy rowing slides and rowing seats with 4 wheels each  
9 Carbon fibre rowing adjustable footboards with straps/shoes and one SS steering plate [at bow]  
10 SS outrigger plates with SS rowing pins and height adjustable plastic rowing gates fitted  
11 SS securing eylets for deck equipment and plastic wáter bottle storage  
12 Manual ‘Whale’ bilge pump & two way valve with deck/cabin pipes & discharge overboard  
13 VHF & AIS whip aerials on rachet deckhead mountings (Replaced 2017)  
14 SS Handholds by both cabin hatches  
15 SuperNova Tri Nav light on 2ft SS mast in bows [2+nm range]  
16 6mm yellow polyprop safety grab lines all around hull on SS eyes thru hull fittings  
17 Safety axe fixed in rowing deck  
18 Safety knife with lanyard & fixing/fittings in rowing deck x2 Recommend replacing saftey knifes
19 Top marine plywood & grp rudder with SS pintels and steering shackles fitted [plus spare complete] Both Copper antifouled Coated
20 Double run rope foot/hand steering from rudder to bow’s footstrecher including SS fittings  
21  Plastimo Offshore 75 magnetic compass with own light mounted inside aft cabin  
22 Garmin GPS/chartplotter 551 colour display with NMEA 0183 srl:1J001349 [Full GB chart folio]  
23 Raymarine ST1000+ tiller autopilot system, stern cabin control shelf and spares  Recommend 3x new autopilots for next Ocean crossing
24 Katadyn 40E watermaker, 2 filters, pipework, diverter plus spares including SS handle Recommend servicing with Jim MacDonald and additional watermaker
25 Bronze thru hull fitting stopcock for watermaker with stop off clips/bungs  
26 Katadyn 06 Emergency small handheld watermaker in watertight pack  
27 Iridium sat. phone 9505A with charger/spares. Srl: SUG0088MH1L524825600XS  
28 Spare rowing slides and rowing seat complete and foot strecher boards  
29 Waterproof hard-plastic storage case  
30 Waterproof flexible plastic storeage tubes [various sizes]  
31 Garmin etrex emergency handheld gps  
32  First aid kit including range of painkillers & antibiotics  
33  Marine medical and first aid books  
34  Inside both cabins - side netting & crew storage  
35  Cyalume safety light sticks various colours  
36  Whale hand held board mounted moveable bilge pump with 3m+ plastic hosing [spare]  
37  Small triangular red canvas dogers in four ends of rowing deck gunnels  
38 Thermal protective survial suits x2  
39 Safety Harness x2  
40  2 x SOLAS approved lifejackets [manual gas operated; with crotch strap; Hood, lights] (Serviced 2017)  
41 Spare CO2 gas re-arming cylinder for lifejacket  
42  Two x 2m long safety lines with three integral safety SS caribena hooks  
43  ACR Aquaafix 406 PLB-201 srl 3817 & HEXID 1DOE4E9DD2FFBFF [Requires battery change] Recommend new PLBs
44  Waterproof bags various; spare batteries, emergency fish hook set  
45  Whip arial wind direction arrow  
46  Wooden ensign staff on SS deck fitting  
47  20m man overboard recovery line in watertight canvas throwing bag with strobe light  
48  Foldable 6kg anchor and 5m chain plus 10mm anchor rope  
49  6kg non-folding anchor with SS bow shackle & 8mm chain  
50  Mooring ropes [3] and mooring fenders [3]  
51  Bow and stern spliced 14mm nylon towing bridles & recovery lines  
52  Tacktic Race master digital compass solar powered and mounting  
53  Tin storage box, whistle, lighter, waterproof matches  
54  Rowing seat pads various sizes and material  
55  Two pairs unused oarsome potential yellow scull grips  
56 Damage control and repair spares kit in plastic watertight container/bag  
57  Electrical spares/tool kit in watertight container  
58  Bosun’s bag with SS shackles, split pins, cable ties, whipping twine, etc.  
59  Tool kit with range of hand tools plus a routine maintenance/cleaning kit Recommend new tools for toolkit
60  Small battery powered 12-band world-wide transistor radio [Roberts]  
61  Jetboil gas portable cooking system [& hanging kit plus spares] and spare gas canisters Recommend 2 new jetboils
62  Plastic bucket, fresh water container, bailer all on lanyards & sponges  
63  Non Henderson type plastic w/t inspection hatches in both cabins  
64  Stainless Steel circular air vents with inner mesh/rubber seal for both cabins  
65  Polyprop 6mm recovery line with buoy & stowage bag [for droughes/sea anchor]  
66  Tupperware plastic waterproof storage containers with lids  
67  Waterproof strobe White safety light  
68  Diving mask  
69  SS eyes and clips various to tie-down all loose gear throughout boat  
70  Water-resistant electrics & switchgear throughout boat [main battery isoloator, battery charge monitor, 12 x fused switches, 2 x 12volt charger, solar regulator & monitor, 3 x led cabin lights, etc – all marine grade tinned copper in plastic conduits/junct boxes.  
71  Autohelm SS push/pull control cable and fittings to rudder as reqd [with acquafax spare cable]  
72  Bag of rowing spares, seat wheels/gates/buttons/pins/ nuts/washers/foot straps/buttons/rigger plate etc.  
73  Raymarine Ray 49E VHF/DSC Class D marine radio transceiver E43035UK [linked to plotter]  
74  Vesper Marine AIS transceiver WMX850 Srl: GZ25615 [linked to chartplotter]  
75  Active Radar reflector ECHOMAX dual X and S band unit  
76  Geonav 4 Gipsy handheld GPS backup chartplotter with charger and full UK chart folio  
77  Logbook, notepad and pencil/pens in wáter-proof container/bag  
78  Emergency hand-bearing magnetic compass  
79  ‘Rolls’ deep cycle sealed lead acid marine grade battery S12-128AGM 120amps in fully sealed w/t compartment on keel with two tie-down methods fitted Recommend 2 new batteries
80  Efoy Comfort 140 fuel cell 72W srl: 28120-1218-27045 plus 15litres fuel  
81  Emergency torch and SOLAS approved signal torch  
82  Carbon fibre Xcell Ocean X3 rowing oars [2 pairs used]  
83  Insulated mug, spork, drinking water bottle, pocket knife/gerber  
84  Small wing mirror with SS mounting fitted on aft cabin to assist lookout  
85  GPS/charterplotter rowing deck NASA repeater unit with cover  
86  Small set of binoculars  
87  Snow White painted hull, White/red topsides, sand coloured non-slip rowing deck, [all using top quality marine  paints from ‘International’ plus 5 coats epoxy ‘copper-coat’ antifouling  
88  Ocean Safety 4-man liferaft – ‘Ocean’ Type One Group A to ISO 9650 with SOLAS B pack; Srl No: LR           2071241A2877 [serviced 2017]  
89  Waterproof Emergency Grab bag [knife; Cat C First aid kit; signal mirror; rations; inflable reflector, Drouge and line, SOLAS torch as above etc.]  
90  Nylon 3 strand 12mm towline 50m long  
91  12ft RS Para anchor with SS Swivel & rode/recovery line [never used!]  
92  Lalizas 200cms drogue [sea anchor] with SS swivel fitting  
93  Smaller lightweight small drogues  
94  Web safety lifeline jackstay fitted along rowing deck  
95  Kannad CSTA 249, Safelink SportPro+, GPS EPIRB  
96  2x 1kg powder fire extinguisher mounted in fwd & aft cabin  
97  Emergency battery powered [AA] small torch  
98  Bunk matresses in 2” memory foam with w/p blue plastic covers & ‘drimat’ nonslip underlay  
99  Octoplated 12mm nylon Sea Anchor rodeline & SS eye/thimble  
100  SOLAS retro-flective tape on key safety items and above waterline of main hull  
101  Routine maintenance & cleaning gear [oil, WD40, marine grease, bleech etc]  
102  Fresh water storage containers & emergency fresh water ballast bottles various  
103  Two-axel, braked galvanised Steel adjustable road tráiler – fully refurbished in 2017 with new wheel bearings, brake pads, SS roller supports, pad pieces and re-painting as reqd. Comes with rear mounted light/number plate board and heavy duty cargo tie-down straps.  
104 Other spares various [mushroom vents, hand holds, vent slots, boat Paint, etc.  
105  Fog horn and aersol gas cannister  
106  ORCA Man overboard personal distress emergency beacons [never used cost £200 each]  
107  Mains powered battery charger and hand held electrical tester/monitor  
108  Full documentation, receipts for equipment, equipment manuals, summarised users guides and Wiring plans for the boat/key systems will be provided at the sale.  
109  Sleeping bags  
110  A& C headphones [new], jetboil flask [new], Stainless Steel spares, wooden spoon, pegs etc.  
111  Babypowder & Sudacream, Deep Heat tubes new  
112  Sheepskin and foam padding inside food storage lockers and on footstrecher [plus spares]  
113  Laminated Admiralty Routeing Chart North Atlantic Southern part No 5125 for JANUARY  
114  Laminated Admiralty chart for Barbados No 2485  
115 Laminated Admiralty charts for Atlantic Ocean, Canaries, & Antigua appraoches as required  
116  20 days of dried / wet food rations 6000Kcal packs  
117  Sale could also include a free half-day of Jay or Kirans time to offer advice or help you set up boat for trials etc