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Worst Case Scenario

The boat comes with the following:

Modified DeGraff trailer

4x solar panels

PS chart plotter

VHF radio and antenna

AIS & antenna
GPS antenna

deck repeater

deck battery monitor

2x110 Ah marine batteries used only for the race
 (I think Talisker race regs say you'll need to replace
 these anyway but they'll have trade in value)

White Nav light

McMurdo EPIRB & holder on deck

Deck compass

2x life jackets with splash hood & rearming kits

1x Solas survival suit (as per the race rules)

Flag pole and british ensign

ST2000+ Autotiller (currently fitted on deck)

2x Rudders: One is heavier and more robust, the second is a light
 (the original) carbon fibre rudder

8x Sawyer Oars

1x removable Center board

2x knives

1x Whale gusher pump

1x pump for cabin

2x screw vents (1 for each cabin)

man over board throw/ rescue line

2 original seats and seat padding, 2 spare seats

Main cabin custom padding

carbon fibre foot plates (one with foot steering) and 1 spare steel footplate

SOLAS 4 man life raft (I think it's 4, I'll have to check)

Spares kit (hatches, oar locks, oar pins, seat wheels, hatches, anti-fowl paint etc)

So there is still quite a bit of kit with her to get a team going in a race. Off the top of my head the main things you'd need to add to that kit to get going would be - para-anchor, drogue, tow line, para-anchor line, retrieval line, water maker, anchor & chain, med kit, grab bag kit, food, tool kit and all weather gear!

There is a 2 part makeshift tarp as well that will cover most of the boat for some outdoor protection, although I'd just get a boat cover made (we didn't have time). I can also supply a diagram of how the electrics are wired up. I think I still have a HUGE bag of energy bars we could throw in as well.

Let me know if you're still interested or want to arrange a viewing, the boat is currently in Newcastle Upon Tyne (stored indoors), just off the A1 so it's easy to get to.


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