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We are considering selling our boat
La Gironde (WEARC 2001).

She was built by a professional boat builder (MGM) and has a very good ergonomy of row as Olivier and Benjamin are club rowers.
Price is
£ 10 000 with a trailer (used one time), two high-quality solar panels and a liferaft.

£ 10 000

Pura Vida

Raced in two races, placing fourth (51 days) in Woodvale Atlantic Rowing race. Has all the required equipment including, PUR40E, EPIRB, VHF radio, life raft, medical kit, custom made para-anchor, new oars. Needs no repairs and is ready to go. Everything except food, GPS and sat phone.
Currently the boat is stored in Cheshire.

£ 17 999


She is fast, light and comes as a COMPLETE OCEAN ROWING PACKAGE with trailer included. You are also buying into a vast knowledge base for the event, which we will be more than happy to pass on History

Built by Rossiter Yachts, Christchurch for the 2001 race and fully updated to 2003 specification. 5th place (50 days) and British record 2001. 5th place (52 days) 2003.


The basic fittings are designed to be simple, lightweight (exactly minimum weight) and have proved to be highly effective • Three rowing positions on lightweight aluminium beams for flexibility • Tried and tested steering system with easy adjustment while rowing • Padded, uncluttered cabin • 3 sets of oars (1 pair in unused condition) • Two rudders included – 2001 and 2003 spec. • Mounted Compass and MLR GPS system • PUR 40E watermaker with excellent priming system (needs servicing) • 55 litre collapsible water tank • Seacook gimballed stove + extra gas • 9ft sea anchor (used only twice) and sea drogue • Extensive spares kit • RM self-braking trailer in good condition.


Powerful 110W tilting panel ensures plenty of power in all conditions •
105AmpHr Delphi marine battery (52 days use only) with power monitoring • Two 12V sockets


Ocean Safety 4-man liferaft, EPIRB, all necessary flares, passive and active (Sea-Me) radar reflectors


Handheld VHF, Iridium handheld Satellite phone with computer connection kit

This is only a shortened rundown of all the kit included – for more information please contact us.



£ 15 000

For sale - 'BLUEBELL'

Built in 2001, she has now completed two races. She was one of the best built, prepared and equipped boats in the 2003 Woodvale Race having been completely stripped and refitted beforehand (photographic evidence available). Crewed by the only mixed sex crew in the race she came in 5th with a crossing time of 59 days 0 hours and was one of the very few boats not to have had any boat/equipment failures at all. She comes complete with all equipment necessary to comply with the the Woodvale race rules and a lot more besides. A full equipment list is available upon request, but in summary the shiny bits are:

Fixed Equipment
2 off well thought out rowing positions; 2 off rudders - 2001 and 2003 spec; 1 off lightweight spare rudder; bulkhead mounted compass; 3 off sets of oars comprising 1 set of adjustable carbon fibre cleaver oars, 1 set of adjustable carbon fibre Macon oars, 1 set of short carbon fibre Macon 'storm' oars; 9ft parachute anchor; drogue; PUR40E watermaker (overhauled in 2003) with superb priming/filtration system; 55 litre collapsible day tank; Force 10 seacook stove + spare gas canisters; padded cabin and fitted mattresses (v important); masses of underfloor storage space
4 off 'unbreakable' solar panels totalling 126W; 2 off 75 Ah Exide gel batteries with 59 days use; 2 off 12V sockets; 10A solar charge regulator; charge/output monitor; comprehensive switching panel; Fixed GPS (high spec Garmin 128); Handheld Garmin 12X GPS; Sea-me active radar transponder (actually mounted and installed properly in contrast to loads of other boats!!!)
McMurdo G4 406 GPS EPIRB; handheld VHF radio; complete e-mail/photographic capability including 2 off digital cameras, 2 off Iridium sat phones, Iridium data kit, IPAQ handheld PC;
Reversed rowing compass; 3 off top spec survival suits; 2 off life jackets; emergency 12V comms battery packs; RM braking trailer with new tyres; Fitted waterproof cover for boat; Assorted charts; loads of flares; assorted drybags; all equipment manuals/wiring diagrams etc; full medical kit; 2 carloads of spares

You can view our progress reports on the boat's last trip HEARE >>>
When we arrived in Barbados the boat could have quite happily turned around andgone again, even if we couldn't!! The price for all of this is
£ 17 500 and it goes without saying that she comes with unlimited help
and advice if you want it. The boat is currently located at Lincoln in England.

£ 17 500
Formerly known as “Yantu” this boat was professionally built to a very high standard in 2001. The boat is 100% watertight and very simple to use. It has completed two unassisted crossings of the North Atlantic from East to West, and has had a book written about it.
This is your chance to own a safe, reliable and fast boat with historic interest.
Apart from food, this boat comes complete with everything you need for your successful crossing. Set up by rowers, the seating positions are very comfortable. The boat also has a great foot steering mechanism which enables you to set the trim from either position and make quick changes in surf conditions.
Painted in white, the boat will not only keep you cool but allow you to customize it to your own design very easily (Just peel off the old stickers).
The boat is currently stored in Oxford, UK.
The boat, website name (rowatlantic.com), and as much advice as you would like is available for

6 Calderdale - The Yorkshire Challenger"
£14,000 (ono) including equipment listed below
Two successful and safe crossings of the Atlantic and in good order.
Equipment includes:
Road Trailer by RM Trailers (plus spare wheel)
Very successful and specially designed pedal controlled steering with "new style" rudder / 1 pair Xcell oars /
Electrical control system / 2 x 75Ah Gel batteries /
2 Fixed and 2 flexible solar panels / Watermaker /
Sea-Me Radar transponder / Para Anchor and retrieval system /
VHF hand held radio / Fixed and handheld compasses /
Strobe light / 1 Force 10 Cooker on gimbals /and many spares...
Also available for sale Motorola 9505 Satellite Phone and
1987 Land Rover 90 for towing

£14,000 (ono)

Boat 'Pacific Pete'
for rent £ 6.000

for sale £ 11.000

Fully equipped, ready to go
Crossed the Atlantic 3 times:
1997 - as 'Toc H Phoenix' ( Mark Stubbs&Steve Issacs, 6th place in AC PSC Race)
And then - as "Pacific Pete": in 2003 ( Martin Wood - solo) and 2004 (Samson Knight, solo - 1st place in ORSARR 2004)

£ 6 000
£ 11 000

Moose on the Move (previously called Spirit of Jersey)

The boat is currently entered in the January 2004 ORS regatta, and will be returned to England at the end of the event. Available immediately on return.
Solidly built and in good condition; includes: 3 pairs of Sutton oars; a PUR 40 watermaker; a new Katadyn Survivor 06 watermaker; Garmin 128 GPS; full solar power system; 2 new batteries; new Motorola Iridium satellite phone; active radar reflector; new VHF; 4 man liferaft (serviced November 2003);
2 x ACR Sat 2 Cat 2 EPIRBs (one just over 2 years old; other new) ; new cooker; new 12 foot para anchor; new auto/manual life jacket; trailer and various other gear; of course all subject to wear and tear over the next few months.
I will be asking for a £1,000 deposit now to secure your purchase of the boat; balance payable immediately on return to England, in satisfactory condition. Deposit fully refundable if the boat or any of the equipment listed above does not make it back to England, or is not in acceptable condition to the buyer on return.

Priced to clear at £10,000 with equipment
9 The boat is currently in preparation for the ORS 2004 race
by team
Twomeninaboat entry number 8,
but we would like to pre-sell it before we set off.

To that end we are offering it at a very attractive price to get a quick sale. She was built professionally at Chobham Marine. Sheathed in fibreglass for extra safety, she isn't light, but she is rock solid and safe, and despite the weight was rowed across in 64 days on her last outing. Originally Stylus Mystral Endeavour in the 97 Race, and subsequently Kellogg's Nutri-Grain in 2001.
She'll come with two sets of oars, 95-watt solar array, regulator and twin batteries, cooker, two life jackets, plus whatever consumables are left over when we get to Barbados in March/April 2004. Whoever buys her will also get first dibs on all the ancilliary gear we'll be selling at very attractive prices (watermaker, EPIRB, GPS, radio, para anchor, etc). The boat is available to be inspected in Ely, Cambridgeshire until early December when we'll be shipping her to La Gomera

contact: Henry Dale

£ 7 500

We still have our
1997 Rowsell and Morrison built Atlantic boat


It has been used for various voyages since ’97 including winning the 2002 Great River race. It is presently moored at Putney.

We would be happy to loan the boat out to rowers wishing to do some long expedition or ocean rows, raising money for a charity.
Contact : CD Riches



Built by Stanley & Thomas Boat Yard UK. 
Includes 2 sets of oars, professionally installed electric system and PUR 40 electric water maker, 4 man liferaft, 2 Henri Lloyd ocean survival suits (never used as from manufacture). Boat is fitted with Lewmar hatches. 

More information here. Full list of equipment on request.

Listing of expenses

boat trailer

£ 30 000

1 set of oars

These oars were spare set carried on Comship.com 2001 ARR (never used) GAS 2 adjustable, S3 Intermediate, Graphite. 
Oars are in La Gomera

£ 200

 Spirit of Jersey 

crossed Atlantic twice. in 1997 and 2002 
In good condition complete with all gear

£ 15 000

We'd like to put our trusty Survivor 40E water maker on the market. 
Two careful owners one trip, plus extended cruising kit and servicing parts.
Any reasonable offer considered.


 "This Way Up"

This boat started the 1997 Port St Charles Atlantic Rowing race, after 1day the crew retired. From 97 - 2001 boat was stored in purpose built heated and dehumidified boat house. In the 2001 WEARC Ian Chater and a new partner, Tony Day successfully completed the row to Pt St Charles in 86 days. The boat is now for sale in as is condition with 1 set of oars, 1 PUR 40 water maker (worked perfectfully), Boat was built with an eye to safety and strength by Ian Chater and been professionally inspected and surveyed up to the race standards. Solar system worked perfectly.Cabin is padded in high density foam throughout described by Ian "it's a comfortable cabin", Includes approx. 70 days supply of Mountain House food.  Survival suits included. Ian says "I think This way up is ready to row and will give anyone a head start in the next race"

trailer, life raft and EPIRB  not included
13 500

or rent for 2004 Atlantic Race
£ 5 000

16 DLE Global Star
Atlantic Rowing Boat  - 9th in 2001 race. 

Light professionally built boat with best electrical/solar panel 
configuration in the last race. Boat includes new water maker, 
2 sets adjustable Crocker sculls, 3 GPS's, VHF radio, seats, slides, shoes, 8 stack car stereo/ CD player and marine speakers, new battery, cooker, all safety equipment (except life raft and EPIRB), charts, 25 water containers, all necessary navigation lights, compass, ropes, trailer etc 
and numerous spares

£ 15 000
17 Keltec Challenger
Formerly Key Challenger in the inaugural Atlantic race in 1997, the Keltec Challenger is now a veteran of two successful crossings. Rowed by Tim Humfrey and Jo Lumsdon in the latest race, she is fully intact after her latest venture and remains one of the strongest and safest boats in the fleet. 
She was originally built by David Immelmann (the original owner, himself an experienced boat builder) and a professional boat builder, with safety in mind. Consequently she is filleted and reinforced with epoxy on ALL wooden surfaces, including internal bulkheads. Her keel has been reworked to fall in line 
with the 2001 race rules as well as a new splash rail 
and she comes with
the following equipment:

For more information contact Tim Humfrey
£ 16 000
18 Marston Hotels 'Onward' 

Expertly built to be both strong and light 'Onward' is amongst the very top of the racing class. She is one of the newest boats in the fleet - launched with brand new equipment in June 2001. 
Faultless 80W solar generation and water making systems. Comprehensively equipped with 'best practice' items for ocean rowing including equipment listed

'Onward' can be seen outside Earls Court (main entrance) 
from the 19th to the 21st of Feb 2002. 

Please contact Dominic Marsh,
£ 16 250

was built and fitted out by John Leach boatbuilders in St Mawes, Cornwall. Electrics installed by Rowlands Marine Electronics of Pwllheli, North Wales. MCLLAID is beautifully finished with all work done to the highest standard. 
Main equipment included in sale is Trailer, PUR 40 watermaker, PUR 6 watermaker, 4 man liferaft, 2 prs of skulls, 2 compasses, EPIRB, GPS, Cooker, Radar reflector, 100 litre watertank, SSB radio and much more.
Click here for full details. 
MCLLAID is a beautifully made, well equiped ocean rowing boat and is "Ready To Row".

Please contact Julian McHardy 
£ 19 500
(No. 5 in the race - the first British boat)

including oars, watermaker, GPS, compass etc 
and all other fittings. Does not include trailer.

For more details please call 
Ian Anderson

Andy Chapple
£ 12 000
Successful in the 2001 ward evans atlantic rowing race 
EQUIPMENT TO INCLUDE: 1. Desalination unit "PUR 40E" 
2. EPIRB 3. 2 Solar Panels with charge controllers. 4. 2 Gel Batteries 5. Force 10 Gas Cooker 6. GPS "Garmin 48" 7. GPS Repeater "NASA" 8. 2 Musto HPL One Design Dry Suits. (Unused) 9. 2 Ocean Safety Life Jackets with spare CO2 Gas (Tested - but unused) 10. Hand Held VHF Radio "Magellan" 
11. Ocean Safety Hatches 30"/40"/70" 12. 2 Hand Held Strobe Torches 13. Boat Trailer (Very Good condition) 
14. 200 freeze dried meals (surplus to requirements)

Contact: Al Smee
Chris Marett
£ 25 000


Professionally built by Rossiter Yachts for the 2001 race, Bright Spark proved itself by coming 6th. Equipment designed to be simple, lightweight and shown to be effective. Comfortable rowing positions built on lightweight aluminium beams, 3rd rowing position for flexibility, tried and tested steering system with easy adjustment while rowing, padded cabin, excellent priming system for PUR 40E watermaker, Powerful 110W tilting panel ensures plenty of power in all conditions, Collapsible watertank with handpump, compass, cooker, fixed and handheld GPS, Iridium hanheld Satellite phone with computer connection kit, trailer, 2 sets blades (one adjustable), VHF, EPIRB, Liferaft, 9ft sea anchor (used only once), extensive spares kit, survival suits. Plus many more items - please click here for more information.
Will Mason Slades Cottage 24 Kingston Deverill Warminster Wilts BA12 7HE

£ 15 000

was entered in 1997 Pirt St. Charles Atlantic Rowing race under the name Stylis Mistral Endeavour. After the Ward Evans race NutriGrain became an attraction at Port St. Charles  being used by residents to set the record of rowing from Port St. Charles to Spightstown and back. 
The boat is now being shipped to England.


Atlantic Rowing Boat constructed for the 2001 race
The Spirit of Worcestershire
Unique, in so far as it was the only boat to retire and survive! Lovingly built to a very high standard by the crew with high spec solar system designed, built and tested by South Bank University's London based international solar car racing team. All required race and safety equipment, water maker, 3 pairs oars etc. Spent two weeks at sea so well tested, but still in mint condition. The trailer has two advertising boards on either side to enhance exposure for your sponsor(s). I am happy to offer advice and help on planning and executing your ocean rowing project and recommend some modifications and changes to make your row easier and more successful.

£ 19 500

A   u s e d   E P I R B   w a n t e d ! ! ! 


"bruxelles-challenge" 7 in ward evans 2001
full equipement exect liferaft
180 watt solar equipment
power survivor 40 electric and manual
ruder control automatic
Epirb personnal "bruxelles-challenge" registred
Please contact
Pascal Hanssens.

 ˆ 15 000

Professionally built Atlantic Rowing Boat 2001
(2001 racenumber: 5)
Including: - Nautical and Rowing equipment; - Liferaft ORC (special made for rowing boat); - Safety equipment; - 2 life jackets with harness; - Watermaker PUR-40; - EPIRP; - 2 x GPS; - 2 x compass; - VHF-radio; - IRIDIUM Motorola-9500 satellite phone; - Solar energie system; - Lewmar hatches; - Radar reflector; - Watertanks 5 ltr.; - Cooker (cardanic); - Guidebooks (eguipment)
Not including: - Trailer; - Medical kit.

"DOMANI" price:
£ 6 250 (ˆ 10 000)
Atlantic Rowing Trainingsboat 2001 is only including the nautical and rowing equipment. The hull 2001 is professionally built and capable for employment.

£ 12 500
(ˆ 20 000)


£ 6 250
(ˆ 10 000)


UniS Voyager
The boat was built professionally in Guernsey. She was rowed in the 2001 WEARC.  With 40% depreciation, the price is 15,000 UK pounds. The boat is in the UK.

Inventory – UniS Voyager

£ 15 000

Boat constructed and fitted out to a very high standard with the added protection of a fibre glass sheath. Equipment includes trailer, 2 sets of oars, very efficient and reliable electrical system (incorporating solar panels with regulator, 2 batteries and battery monitor), watermaker, satellite phone, EPIRB, sea anchor, drogue, VHF radio, tool kit, two GPSs (one with external antenna), charts, two cookers, reverse compass, comprehensive list of spares and all other equipment (excluding liferaft) needed to row across an Ocean. All equipment is of a high quality and in excellent working order. Spirit Of Swindon was tried & tested successfully during its Atlantic crossing. Boat and equipment conforms to race standards. Full spec. is available on request.

£ 15 500

(formerly "Comship.com")
has successfully crossed the Atlantic for the second time. 
She is in excellent condition, and was for sale :(

Equipment list

£ 12 800



Constructed in 2001 with all new equipment. She is strong and safe and has a sheathed hull. Her main equipment, which was extremely reliable, includes: RM Trailer, Reliable electrics system (incl. solar panels w/regulators and 2 batteries), PUR 40 watermaker, 2 sets oars. 

£ 15 000

Atlantic Warrior
All equipment for an ocean row
(including trailer and water-maker). Phone not included.

£ 15 000
33 Commodore Shipping — aka Human Rights in 2001 race.

Commodore Shipping was built by John Searson in 1997 and was rowed single handed for most of the race. It was modified to conform to the 2001 rules and rented out. This successful boat will be taking part in the Ocean Rowing Society's 2004 race and will therefore be available for further projects from the summer of 2004 onwards. Commodore Shipping has been built to a very high standard, has many extras and is probably the most comfortable of all Atlantic boats to row. As with the 2001 & 2004 race, advice and guidance, on many aspects of ocean rowing, will be made available, together with PR and marketing material, as part of an agreed package. References available on request.

£ 6 000 -
£ 18 000

Negotiable, dependent 
on service required 

34  “Linda”
has made the Atlantic crossing twice. We crossed in 54
days earlier this year, so she is fast. She is a
great, well-built boat. However, we capsized on the
last day which means that there is some repair work to
be done, hence the low price. All money we raise on
the sale of this boat goes to Cancer Research UK.

Sale also includes: Trailer; Spares; 2 survival suits;
Para anchor and drogue; Radar Reflectors; drinking
water containers; life jackets; solar panels; safety
harnesses; 2 sets of oars; hatch covers + spares; a
wealth of information, contacts and advice!

Please check out our
website for more information:

£ 10 000

Atlantic Wholff - now completed two races
(63 and 59 days respectively, so getting faster!). She is a well-built and well thought out boat, easy to row and comfortable to live on.

Complete with all equipment - EPIRB, GPS, watermaker (fixed and handheld), life raft, grab bag, flares, medical kit, waterproof VHF, flexible solar panel (fantastic), oars, foot steering (simple but brilliant) - list is too long to quote.
She is ready to race but for a few minor adjustments.

We will also be happy to give advice re preparation, food etc
so it is a full race package.

£ 17 000
36 This is a unique chance to build your own ocean rowing boat outside of a race entry.

Part built 2003 class ocean rowing boat

The boat was going to be in the 2003 WoodVale race but wasn't completed due to ill health. 
All of the hard work has been done including epoxy sealing and sanding all parts (twice).

The build its self has had approximately half the man hours spent on it and is just at the "turning over to start the deck" stage. It comes with the resin, tape, and some rather excellent Kevlar instead of carbon fibre and the build tools. It also has a brand new double axle RM trailer and can sit on it now for transport.
£ 5 000 
or nearest 


formerly Unis Voyager. Boat was built by a professional boat builder on Guernsey for the 2001 race and refitted in 2003 by Dolphin Quay boatyard.

Includes: a set of oars, water maker PUR 40E, GPS Furno with external antennae, solar panels, sea me, para-anchor and drougues, new cooker and new mattresses for 2003, Epirb, VHF radio, grab bag, new rudder (plus old design rudder), foot steering plate, deck mounted compass, trailer, extensive selection of spares, water maker spares.

A very light boat that meets all race specifications.

Can be viewed in the UK from March

£ 6 000


£ 16 000


Commodore Shipping aka Human Rights aka New Horizons.
Built by John Searson in 1997 and now rowed three times across the Atlantic. This boat is still in perfect condition. All three crews have found the boat ideal for their needs. The boat has been built to a very high standard and is probably the most comfortable of all Atlantic boats to row. It comes with most of what you will need to row the Atlantic. As with the 2001 & 2004 race, advice and guidance, on many aspects of ocean rowing, will be made available, together with PR and marketing material, all part of an agreed package.

£ 6 000 - £ 18 000 negotiable,
dependent on service required and fittings.

£ 6 000
£ 18 000


39  Sea Slug
2001 Class Woodvale (Challenge) Pairs Boat
Competed in the Ward Evans Atlantic Rowing Race 2001 and the Ocean
Rowing Society Atlantic Rowing Regatta 2004.
Equipment included in the sale consists of all permanent fixtures and
fittings (hatches, seats, rails and rowlocks etc) as well as solar
panels, batteries, liferaft, oars and road trailer.
£ 12 500
40  Lady Georgia

Built by Rowsell & Adkins Boatyards in Exmouth UK, the Ocean Rowing Boat Lady Georgia is hydro and aerodynamically designed and has been built, from the ground up, of some of the latest, lightest and most durable materials to withstand the rigours of ocean rowing, her structure literally saved my life by resisting 2 hurricanes, 1 F11 gale and 10 capsizes in the North Atlantic Ocean; she has been completely refurbished by Rowsell & Adkins Boatyards and fitted out with the latest audiovisual (14 000 Pounds of audio/visual equipment) safety and telecommunication technology.

£ 7 000 


£ 30 000


1st place in the race 2001.

For further details please contact:
Rob Hamill

(Record holder boat "Kiwi" is not for sale)

£ 12 500

42 Ocean rowboat Womble

includes Spectra water maker plus all fixtures currently on the boat.

Delivery in Antigua in  April 05.

£ 18 500 


Troika became the most famous Atlantic rowing boat when Debra Veal single handedly rowed in the 2001 Atlantic Rowing Challenge after her husband was forced to retire early on in the race. Built by Rossiter Yachts and Stanley Thomas (Windsor) Debra spent £28,000 on professional boat builders fees on top of the price of the kit, including a £9000 fully waterproof electrical system, so the spec is phenomenally high throughout and has been maintained for a recent charity rowing to The Isles Of Scilly.

The boat is being sold as a complete package for a team wanting to get everything they could possibly need in one go, including satellite phone. Debra is happy to work with the team who buys Troika to help them get the best out of the boat.

The boat comes with:

Garmin GPS 126 • PUR40 Water maker • 2 x 75Ah batteries (parallel) • Solar Panels (2 rigid and 2 blanket panels) • Waterproof Electrical System (MAH Electronics) • 3 sets of oars (cleavers and scoops) with adjustable handles for different sea states • Compass (Silva - rear cabin bulkhead mounted) • 9ft Parachute Sea Anchor and sea drogue • Iridum Satellite phone • Wired for but not with laptop and Inmarsat D Terminal • Radar reflectors • Life jackets • Ropes • Comfortable foam cushions covered in waterproof acrylic canvas on floor of cabin to sleep on • Storage netting on inner walls of cabin • Stereo system (MPE Jukebox which holds up to 100 CD’s) and desk speakers • First Aid Kit • Dry Bags • Fully galvanized RM trailer • Extensive selection of spares.

Troika has been very well maintained and is in excellent condition.
The price reflects the extensive amount of accompanying equipment and high standard of build.

£ 17.500

Ocean rowboat   DLE Global Star

Widely acknowledged as one of the best boats in the race when it made its 2001 Trans Atlantic crossing, DLE Global Star was the third fastest British boat in the race and finished eighth overall.
Meticulously built by professional boat builders, Global Star is one of the lightest, most robust and best constructed boats of its kind.
Since then the boat has been well maintained and used for training and short expeditions off the west coast of Scotland.
The boat is being sold as a complete package and is ideal for a team wanting to get everything they could possibly need in one go - from the trailer to a satellite phone.
The boat comes with:
Trailer plus trailer board/lights • 2x sets of Croker 325cm Atlantic oars • 16 water containers (for ballast) •  3 water containers (drinking water) •  PUR water maker plus spares  • Alcohol heater/cooker  • 4x rowing seats • 2x stretchers with shoes • 105amp hr battery  • 6x solar panels  • Iridium satellite phone and accessories  •  bilge pump  • 4x riggers and gates  • Lewmar 70 hatch  • 2x sea anchors  • roll bar  •  throwing line  • 2x waist harnesses and safety lines  •  2x jack stays (for attaching harness to)  • 2x grab lines • 2x life jackets with lights   • cabin interior cushions  • 8x stack car CD/radio plus 2 marine speakers (may need some repair)  • 2x mounted GPSs  • compass  • strobe light  • navigation light  • VHF radio and charger  • medical kit  • electrical controller and junction box  • Atlantic charts  • assorted spares  • 2xbuckets  • assorted ropes and straps  • assorted seat pads  • fire extinguisher 
•  fire blanket  • foghorn  • flares.  Global Star has been very well maintained and is in excellent condition



£ 15 000 


          Ocean rowboat   GB Row Challenge 2005

It is a Rowsell and Adkins built boat, for 4 to 2 men/women. It was built in December 2005 and come fully equipped for Ocean rowing. Some of the bit and included below and there is a lot more bit and bobs with the boat.  The boat will be available from the 1st of August on ward. First come first served.

Equipment with the boat:

Sculling Blades 3 sets, sculling pins gates 3 sets, seats and spare wheels, seat runners 2 sets, MX 900 DC Batteries4x, kwells Sea Sickness Tablets20x, Survival Knifes (for the lift raft), Heliograph (Survival mirror) 1x, Splint Inflatable Plastic 1x, Survival Blankets 2x, panels Solar X 5, speakers 1x, Henderson Hatches 9x, Battery Isolation Switch (Yachting 2005 a navimo group company) x 1, XM Batteries (Yachting 2005 a navimo group company) 70 APH X 4, LED – Navigation Lights , Hot dip galvanised chain 8mm 10m, The Soc Anchor (7kg), First aide kits offshore first x 1, Automatic inflation, with hydrostatic firing system (Hammer) (life jackets)X 4, 1700 VHF Antenna X 1, VHF DSC 7200 X 1, Kit Membrane S35, PS40 and 80(1), Kit, PS-40 Repair Seal, Katadyn, 40 E 12 Volt Water maker X 1

See larger picture >>>

  £ 20 000 
(all in, food included)
Was £35.000, now  £ 20 000 
Looking for quick sale
Can be seen at Porthmouth

                     Rowing Boat 'Atlantic Warrior'

£11,500 to buy.

£6,500 to rent

Competed in the 2005 Woodvale Race, she had been completely overhauled, and is therefore in very good condition and meets all the Woodvale Event 2005 criteria.
Everything, including a trailer, is covered in the price. This is a complete ocean rowing package, less the food. Assistance and advice is also included in the price.
Equipment includes:
Communications: 1 Waterproof handheld VHF (Raymarine), 1 Waterproof Fixed
VHF DSC (Raymarine), Complete Contact 3 Software package, EPIRB 406
Rowing: 2 pairs Sutton blades, 3 pairs Barac 302's, Tempur Cushions and Concept Cushions, Rolls Royce Design Foot Steering, Assorted Rowing spares
Safety: Liferaft (Serviced), Grab Bag, 4x Harnesses, 2x fenders , 'See Me' Radar with alarm, 9ft Para anchor, 12ft Para anchor, Drogue, 50m Nylon rope
Cooking: 2 x Stoves + assorted utensils,
Navigation: Garmin 128 GPS (Mounted), Deck Compass, Handheld Compass, Assorted Charts and Tools
Power: 2 Marine Batteries auxiliary (new for this race), Siemens Solar Panels, Portable Solar Panel
Various: Solar Shower, Complete Woodvale Tool Kit, Spectra Water Maker (new for this race), amplifier, waterproof deck speakers.


“Spirit of Lancashire”
Trans-Atlantic rowing boat. Third lightest boat in the 2003 Woodvale Events Atlantic Rowing Challenge. It is being sold with most of the standard equipment such as Active Radar Transponder, comprehensive first aid kit, GPS, oars etc etc.


£ 16 500

'Atlantic Wholff' Challenge class Ocean Rowing boat for sale;

Year Built: 2000
Construction GRP
Approximate weight:- 450kg unladen

 Does not include trailer (trailer is in Puerto Sherry Marina, Cadiz and is available for collection by the new owner at their expense).

 General condition and summary: Excellent: A very strong boat and extraordinarily stable and easy to row. Work that needs done: deck hatches need re sealed which is a small job. New Fixed GPS is required and some GRP was broken toward the bow but this is purely cosmetic and is not an essential repair. Viewing recommended.

 Click here to find the list of main inventory included

Any advice is happily given to the purchaser on how to put together a successful campaign.


 Possible RENT considered £6,000
49 Team ROWING HOME Barbados

with 2 pairs of oars, water maker, rowing seats, para anchor, and lots of other bits 

also 2 satellite phones
Donated to Barbados Museum £ 20 000 

250 'Bright Spark'



She is a fast, light and comes as a COMPLETE OCEAN ROWING PACKAGE with trailer included but not including a watermaker or satellite ‘phone.
Built by Rossiter Yachts, Christchurch for the 2001 race taking 5th place (50 days) and British record on that occasion and 5th place (52 days) in the 2003 race.

The basic fittings are designed to be simple, lightweight and have proved to be highly effective. Three rowing positions on lightweight aluminium beams for flexibility
Tried and tested steering system with easy adjustment while rowing. Padded uncluttered cabin 3 sets of oars
2 rudders – 2001 and 2003 specification
Mounted compass and MLR GPS system
55 litre collapsible water tank
Seacook gimballed stove + extra gas canisters
9ft sea anchor (used only twice) and sea drogue
Extensive spares kit
RM self braking trailer

Powerful 110W tilting solar panel ensuring plenty of power in all conditions. 2 x 110AmpHr marine batteries (12 days use only) with power monitoring 2 x 12 V sockets

Ocean Safety 4-man liferaft, EPIRB, Box of flares
Active/Passive (Sea-Me) radar reflectors, Handheld VHF radio.
This is only a short list of the complete inventory.

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