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   On LOAN and SOLD    



100 Grafoplast
Fibre glass boat 

Designed by Phil Morrison and built by Rowsell and Adkin in 2004

No more for sale

It has been arranged for the boat to be exhibited in an Italian Maritime Museum





It crossed the Atlantic from Italy to Brasil in 2006 (226 days) and the Pacific from Lima (Perù) to Australia 2008 (in 294 days).
It's well built and resistant. I spent more then 500 days of my life on it and I can say that it is safe and self-righting.
It has a very good and safe electrical system, 4 solar pannels still working very well. It has 3 batteries to be checked.
It comes with AIS (automatic identification System- anticollision system. the best system I ever tried!) like new, VHF radio, purple finder (tracking system) and navigation lights.
The old paint has been taken off and a new pain will be given soon.
It needs a new rudder (I will provide for that)


QBE (aka Atlantic Quest)



£29,950 negotiable


 Adkin Pairs composite ocean rowboat

Purpose built in 2005 for a four man crossing of the Atlantic she flew across in just 37 days; a year later she won the 2006 Great River Race; following that she went on to set a new world record for the fastest circumnavigation of Great Britain; in the 2009 Woodvale Atlantic race she won the pairs class. This boat has a pedigree like very few others. She is in excellent condition and comes with a full complement of kit - see below for details.

The full list of equipment >>>

97 C2
Ocean Rowing boat





New Price


 C2 Winner of the 2005 pairs class
(Beat EDF rowed by Cracknel and Fogel)

 C2 has completed the Atlantic race 4 times and has recently completed Belfast to Blackpool in support of Help for Heroes. 

She has just had a full re spray in white and is now ready for her next adventure. C2 is an incredibly strong and able boat that comes complete with road trailer and most of the mandatory equipment.

Happy to receive offers and any inspection welcome

(aka MacMillan Spirit, Gurkha Spirit, and Albatross)








Rowsell & Morrison built composite hull


Although this boat has crossed the Atlantic 4 times it is still in excellent solid condition. It is a composite hull. MUCH stronger than the flat packed plywood boats and with a far longer lifespan.
Comes with all the technical equipment on board and a lot of extras.
The boat was professionally surveyed in 2005, 2007 and 2009 and found to be in perfect condition all 3 times. Surveys are available. The boat is in perfect condition and is as new. Professionally re-wired to IP65 standard in 2007, and has a Mastervolt automatic battery monitor and charge selector and back up battery system.
Equipment includes:
90WP of solar panels
2 x 110ah batteries
Spare unused Katadyn hand operated water maker Spectra watermaker, spare filters and spare pump head. Water maker was replaced in La Gomera under warranty and is as new.
Bespoke matting in rear cabin
Para anchor
Spare ropes
3 spare drogues
Fixed and personal EPIRB
Fixed and handheld VHF
Ultra bright and low power LED cabin and all round external lights AIS class B transceiver/receiver Garmin 450 chart plotter Life jacket and harnesses Grab Bag Full medical Kit Survival suit Anchor and Chain Boat Trailer
1 x set of oars.
Seat spares
Apart from food, life raft which can be rented for £250 and sat phone the boat is ready to go and will have no problems complying with Woodvale race regulations.


Ocean Rowing boat






Type of Boat: Woodvale Challenge Pairs Class
Year of Manufacture: 2001
Crossings: Atlantic Rowing Race  2001, 2005, 2007 and 2009

Built in 2001 in Hong Kong, originally ‘Yantu’ of which a book was written. Excellent condition having been refurbished for 2009 Woodvale race, including a re-spray (just peel off stickers for a blank canvas) and fully anti-fouled, all hatches replaced. New Schenker watermaker for 2009 race and back up hand-held watermaker.

Boat was also totally stripped and lots of items replaced as new. Boat electrics in excellent condition. The boat can be steered by either rowing position using adjustable footplates. All user manuals available. Boat comes with all mandatory kit required for 09/10 Woodvale Race, with the exception of liferaft, food, cooker, and gas. 

Standard items include: Schenker watermaker , 406 EPIRB and handheld, Sea me, AIS transponder, 2 x fixed solar panels, 2 x roll out solar panels, Garmin 550 GPS Chartplotter, Fixed compass, Sea anchor with new line and 2 x drogues, collapsible light weight anchor, Fixed and handheld VHFs, Fully serviced lifejackets, all charts. 

Extras include: Trailer. Large amount of meals, with plenty of menu variation, Lots of spares – rowing gates, seat spares etc, Electrical bilge pump & spare.

94     RED ARROW 
     Ocean Rowing boat plus trailer

Red Arrow (formerly Queensgate) holds the world record for the fastest 4 men rowing record across the Atlantic E-W - an amazing 36 days! It is now adopted to be a Pairs boat.

Designed by Phil Morrison, Roswell and Adkin built composite hull.
MUCH stronger than the flat packed plywood boats and with a far longer lifespan.
A purpose built De-Graff trailer with spare weel.

Includes a larger than normal stern cabin with luxury matresses.
Length: 7 meters (23 ft.)
Beam: 1.9 meters (6.2ft.)
Weight: Unloaded 300 kg. Loaded 1000 kg
Made from Lloyds approved marine plywood and GRP - glass fibre, timber decks, bulkheads & cabins.
Last Survyed: August 2008 by Leisure & Commerscial Limited.






Price includes: (list of equipment and extras) >>>

93 Tusmobile
ocean 4 rowboat









We just did a successful independent crossing from Gran Canaria to Barbados in 45 days and 15h.

She is in perfect state, we haven't had any problems with her, never felt in danger, as she was stable even with breaking waves directly from side.
This was her third crossing. She was built in 2005 by Woodvale for Charlie Martel and his guys that did the North Atlantic with her. She did another crossing wit the team (Un)Finished business in the 2009 race, earning the female-fours record.

We didn't do a 100% job with her, but were very near perfection!

So the boat comes with:
- 4 man Zodiac ocean life raft (bought in Jan 2011)
- Katadyn survivor 35 with new membrane
- Instruments on deck, All NASA Marine : GPS repeater, speedometer,
  magnetic compass, anemometer.
- 236W of solar panels. (140W in stern and 2x48W in bow)
- Charging regulator
- 240Ah AGM gel battery
- Sea - me
- Glomex VHF multiplexer
- Iridium 9555 sat phone
- Iridium AD510 external antenna
- VHF antenna
  See a full list of the equipment

92 Indian Runner II
 (Ex "Spirit of Montanaro" - Atlantic 2009, Ex "Gemini" - Atlantic 2007).
Fibre glass pairs boat plus trailer

Built by Rossiter Yachts in 2007. 








Made history this year (2011) as the first ever unsupported pairs crossing of the Indian Ocean, from Western Australia to Mauritius.
Fast - having been ahead of the Indian Ocean speed record by day 80 !
Safe and Reliable - having never capsized in 2 Atlantic and 1 Indian Crossing (276 Days at Sea in total)

BUT ... she rolled 3 miles from Mauritius (Day 116) on final approach suffering only superficial damage

AND ... unfortunately had much of the equipment stolen hence the extremely competitive price!!

Complete with trailer and various equipment (Katadyn 40 Watermaker / Handheld Water Maker / 2 Rolls Royce Batteries / 7 Solar Panels of Various Sizes / Indian and Atlantic Charts / Various Tools, Spares and more .......)


91 Fraser's Boat
Challenge class Ocean Rowing boat plus trailer

successfully crossed the Atlantic in 2006 & the Irish Sea in 2008, please see ORS entries & photos for Mike Norman & Tim Bradbury.

Fraser’s Boat is solidly built and handles well and is just waiting to make another crossing

Price includes:
Boat with road trailer and boat straps
Grab lines, Steering lines and fittings
Pur 40E water maker with new motor
SeaMe active radar reflector
Plastimo contest 130 compass
GPS Global Nav 212
Garmin OPS track plotter
VHF Icom marine and charger plus two batteries
Cabin lights
4 sliding seats
Rowing gates buttons and spares
3 Sutton oars
Solar fixed panel
Solar flexible panel
4 marine batteries
2 solar controllers and wiring
Mini drogue
30m x 12mm para warp and fittings

Click here to see the full list >>>

The boat is ready to go !










90    TESS  
plus trailer









Tess is a Rowsell & Adkin built composite hull
(formerly Carnegie X-Stream /Britannia Endeavour)

Three crossings, three records :
1. 2004 - European record for fastest crossing of the Atlantic East -
West in double (40d 17h 28min);
2 - 2006 - First solo to row the Atlantic West - East from Canada land to
3- 2010 First Irish person to row solo across an ocean. Atlantic crossing
East to West.

Tess is in excellent condition and comes on a trailer ready to go for
another record. Rigged as a solo and easily converted into a super fast pair.

The list of equipment is vast and includes:
Spectra water maker,
Comar AIS,
Garmin 451 chartplotter,
Oars, spare seats, stereo, external speakers, marine medical kit, bilge pump, hand pump, para anchor, drogues, fixed VHF, solar panels, batteries, jetboil stove + gimbal, sat phone and external antenna, fixed and handheld plastimo compass, 2 handheld GPS, grab bag including light sticks torch etc, Raymarine navigation twin display.
Plus much much more!








Built for the 2007 Atlantic Rowing Race Dream Maker is only a one of 4 wooden boats actually built by Wooodvale.

She is one of the best plywood boats around. Dream Maker is built to be light, fast and strong. As the only mixed sex crew in the Atlantic Rowing Race 2009 we finished 9th overall and 7th in the pairs class (for a large part of the race we were in 5th place), beating many more expensive Carbon and Composite boats.

Dream Maker was fitted out professionally in 2007 by Dolphin Quay boatyard and was extensively updated for the 2009 race to improve speed and reliability including self steering/autopilot. The boat finished the race in excellent condition and would be ready to go for the next race with little effort. If you are looking for a fast and competitive boat at an affordable price this is the boat for you.

Dream Maker meets the specifications for Woodvale Races and comes with the majority of essential kit required by the race rules.

Included on the boat : >>> click to see the full list

Dream Maker comes with manuals etc for all equipment, together with lots of friendly advice and encouragement.

GBR solo rowing boat
built 2009




 for quick sale at a fraction of new build costs

Overall winner of Woodvale Atlantic Rowing Race 2009 / 2010 and British record holder for fastest solo crossing. The revolutionary design by Phil Morrison and beautifully built by Global Boatworks makes this pocket battleship the best available option for anyone wanting to win races and break records...in comfort!
Immaculately put together and optimised down to the last nut and bolt by it's owner (ex professional boatbuilder and sailor). This boat is completely ready to win and comes with all optimised / bespoke equipment and safety gear to qualify for any Woodvale races, except for the Satphone (option to buy separately), liferaft (option to buy separately) and Shenker water maker (option to buy separately).

Equipment includes:

The list of equipment is endless and includes many spares, all in unused A1 condition

Electronics include Raymarine plotter, AIS, repeater and autopilot, fixed VHF and handheld VHF, Fusion music system and Solara solar power system rated at 140W.

Comes with road trailer, cradle and one set of Xcell oars


                                             KARUKERA (Pygram)
                             Woodvale Pairs class Ocean Rowing boat

The boat has been totally refitted in 2008, sanded, epoxy primer inside and outside, grey epoxy paint, Teflon antifoul paint. A lot of parts on board are in sandwich honeycomb- carbon.

All electrics, wiring and equipment was fitted by company WAYPOINT in Guadeloupe (FWI) in 2009

All cabin Hatches (Main cabin, bow cabin and window), and footplates are in sandwich honeycomb-carbon

2 Boards in sandwich honeycomb-carbon and 3 cushions make a seat or a bed (2 meters long) on the deck, above the cockpit and the backside rails. It is very comfortable and practical for cooking, eating and sleeping……outside.

The Rudder is in carbon, with an electric helm system, very efficient and simple to use.

Price includes (list of equipment and extras) >>>

See photos on our website:














Hand crafted by Jamie Fabritzio,  designed by Phil Morrison

Excellent boat in good condition, one previous crossing (3rd in class Woodvale pairs race 2009)! Beautiful looking and fast through the water. Exceptionally thought out boat for stowage of life raft and oars on deck, out of the way. We can also offer much advice on any aspects of preparing for an ocean crossing.
Equipment includes:
•Life raft (Ocean 4 C ISO 9650 Solas B pack). Value new: £3,500,
•Water maker (Schenka) 30 litres/hour, 67 days use. Value new: £3,500
•Hand held water maker (Katadyn Survicor 35) unused. Value new: £1,200
•Solar panels - (3 x Solara panels) flush mounted & 2 x batteries with ipod connection
•VHF radio (ICOM), AIS Transponder (CSB 200), GPS (Garmin 450) and GPS repeater
•Para Anchor and Drogue, Rope - 100m anchor line & 120m retrieval line & stern bridal
•Electric bilge pump and 3 x sets of oars
•Sliding seats (exceptionally smooth design) with ceramic bearings
•Varied freeze dried meals available to value of £500
•Custom built trailer for boat transportation
•Website which can easily be adapted - www.atlanticrow.com

85 DORRIS DAISY aka HCL Workforce One  plus trailer  





Lovingly built by Rossiter Yachts in 2009 and designed by Phil Morrison

Dorris has one successful crossing to her name coming 5th in class in this years Woodvale race, and she is hungry for more! A very quick, lightweight and spacious design makes her perfect for any ocean crossing.  The design currently holds the Indian pairs world record.  Dorris is in A1 condition, comes ready to go, with a complete list of safety gear and spares.

Any further questions please get in contact.

We are selling individual items of equipment.
Partial Equipment List Includes
·         SBS R4/3500 B Twin Axle Fully Adjustable Boat Trailer,
·         3 sets of Xcell X3 Ocean Rowing Blades
         Garmin Fixed and Hand Held GPS
         Comar AIS
         Icom Fixed and Hand Held VHF
         Katadyn Power Survivor 40 E Water Maker
         Katadyn Survivor 35 Hand Pump
         Tack-Tick T108 Wireless Wind, Speed & Depth with Triducer,
         Solara Solar Power System to 140W

·    Click here to see the full list and description >>>


84 MOUNT SPIRIT  plus trailer   





The boat is a fibre-glass Four, 29ft long, approx 6ft wide.
It comes with a single axle trailer

First rowed across the Atlantic W-E in 2006 by 'Team Hesco powered by Commando Joe', and 2007 - across the Atlantic E-W by 'Un/Finished Business'. Both rows earned the boat and crews world records.


Ocean Rowing boat
plus trailer




Built in 2008. 1 Atlantic crossing in 2010
We sustained various superficial damages during capsize - various nav/com items were damaged and will also need replacing. My asking price takes account of work needed in order for Vision of Cornwall to be made ready for racing again.
The asking price includes the following:
Katadyn 40E watermaker
Etrex h/h GPS
Full flares kit with container
Ocean safety 4-man liferaft
Charts: North Atlantic (S. part), Imray Antigua, Imray, Eastern Carribean
4 x Coleman C250 gas containers
15 freeze dried meals
Gate/pin set
Various ropes to Woodvale spec'

82 Carpe Diem
Ocean Rowing boat plus trailer








Challenge class plywood boat.

Built in 1997 in Bossums Boatyard in Oxfordshire , she successfully crossed the Atlantic 2 times:
1. from Tenerife to Barbados in 1997 Port St Charles Atlantic Rowing Race with the first and only Mother & Son team, as can be seen in the current Guinness World Records Book (2008);
2. from La Gomera to Barbados in 2004 ORS Atlantic Rowing Regatta (winner of the Regatta)

In 2007/2008 the boat has been completely refurbished and considerably re-enforced. The work done by ORS Int. technical team - the most experienced and knowledgeable repairing team in oceanrowing: list of boats repaired  by them  for preparing for sea includes Odessa, Marion-Lviv, Rus, Ukraine, Isidoro Arias, Memory of Zayed, La Mondiale.

The re-enforcement was made with  light and strong materials, that did not add much to the weight of the boat but made it to be one of the most reliable plywood boats available.

It has been modified for team of three, so the storage cabin is prolonged under the deck and can be used as a separate sleeping compartment.

Now it has anti-slip grey deck space (to protect your eyes from sun reflection) and white hull.
New electric system and solar panels. Rowing station, 1 set of Macon oars and 2 sets of choppers. 8 new Henderson hatches.
No other equipment, but any equipment of your choice can be installed by the team by arrangement.

81   FLYING FERKINS / ARTEMIS INVESTMENTS  Photo courtesy of Cunard and the Queen Mary 2 


 S O L D


 without Trailer


with Trailer


built by Ocean Rowings best professional builders, Rossiters

An extraordinary and now historic boat, rowed across the Indian ocean in 2009 in the Pairs class then rowed across the North Atlantic in 2010 by a Four after an extensive refit and faring of the wetted surface areas.

The package is very quick and has recently broken the 114 year old speed record for the North Atlantic and holds the distance covered in 24hours record for an ocean rowboat. She is an incredibly well built, seaworthy boat and has a proven pedigree second to none. The package includes the boat and a vast amount of kit including:
oars, solar, immersion suits, VHF, Radio, IPOD station, Electric Bilge pumps, Spectra Water Maker, AIS, GPS, lifejackets, liferaft (unpacked and lightened) an autohelm system and a £4000 Methanol fuel cell which has only 700 hours service on and produces a constant 6A and is powerful enough to run all the boats systems in all conditions ... come rain, no wind or no shine !! An incredible piece of equipment and will prove invaluable in future voyages. Too much kit to list separately.

You also gain access to an unparalleled wealth of experience from Ocean Row Events and Leven Brown should you wish. Ocean Row Events can also help manage you and your expedition from start to finish including access to successful fundraising templates, PR, promotion, weather routing/strategy services.

80 SPIRIT OF MONTANARO plus trailer




Pairs boat, designed and built by Rossiter Yachts in 2007. Previously "Gemini"
She was rowed  across the Atlantic E-W by Matt Boreham and Alan Lock in 2008. Completed the Woodvale Atlantic Race in 2010 crewed by Adam Rackley and James Arnold.
Includes all equipment required for participation in the Woodvale Ocean races (as per 2009/10 rules). Small selected items may require replacing (e.g. hand axes). Food, personal items and conveniences needed in addition.
The boat is in good condition and was MCA surveyed in 2009. The hull of the boat has been copper-coated, so will not even require anti-fouling.

Star Atlantic
Challenge class Ocean Rowing boat 

Good condition, rowed solo in 1999 from Tenerife to Barbados, and 2002 from Lisbon to Guyana.

Complete with equipment, incl.
 Pur watermaker,
2 x 35w solar panels,
2 pairs oars,
sea-anchor and rope,
CARD radar detector,
4 stainless steel oarlocks,
navigation light,
fire extinguisher,
2 marine batteries.




  Martha Dos
Ocean Rowing boat plus trailer

Challenge class plywood boat.

Opportunity to buy one of the fastest boats on the Atlantic at the moment.
Built in 2001 by J.P. Leach in Cornwall she successfully crossed from Tenerife to Barbados in 61 days arriving without any problems in 15th position.
In 2007/08 almost flying across the Atlantic passed 11 teams in the Woodvale race (including a 4 man team) which left 6 days before from La Gomera on pace for a sub 60 days row.

Very good condition, fully equipped
Advise, help and training in Tenerife (her home port).

The price includes: (based in Tenerife)



1 compass
1 Radar detector
1 Radar reflector
4 oars
2 rowing seats with spares
electric panel with switches
2 Bilge pumps
1 Garmin GPS
1 Watermaker with spares
4 rowing gates and pins
2 cabin solar fans
1 sea anchor
1 VHF antenna
4 re-enforced cleats
1 fire extinguisher
spare rudder


77 "George Geary"
Challenge class Ocean Rowing boat

"George Geary" (captain Graham Walters) is one of the most spoken about boats. It has successfully crossed the Atlantic E to W three times - in 1997 and 2001 - double,   in 2003 - solo. All times with Graham Walters on board, so it has been really very well looked after

The boat is generally ready to go to sea
It is for rent with the following gear and equipment
>>> click here to see the whole  list >>>

The boat goes with a trailer.

I’m quite happy to go to assist in sea trials prior to departure.


 S O L D

Pendovey Swift
Challenge class Ocean Rowing boat plus trailer  

built professionally in 2007. Completed successfully the 2007 Atlantic rowing race, coming 5th in class

Complete with equipment:
All of the following kit was bought new for 2007/08 race & complies with those rules. There were no breakages!

ISAF approved liferaft (light weight version) & Grab Bag with Personal locator EPIRB
Life Jackets (2) with safety harness, line, gas, lights, whistle, crotch strap, hood etc
EPIRB 406 mhz
‘Sea Me’ Active Echo Radar Transponder & AIS Radar Receiver
DSC VHF fixed unit
GPS (2) fixed plotters (1in the cabin 1 on deck with Atlantic, Canaries & Caribbean Charts.
GPS (1) handheld
Electric Watermaker (Spectra 25 litre per hr) stored per manufacturers instructions (pickled) plus spares incl. new pump motor & filters, plus a handheld manual survivor Watermaker.
Batteries (2) 85AH marine deep cycle gel & Battery Monitor
Solar Panels producing 150w peak & Switch Panel
Concept Oars (4), Gates & Pins etc

Click here to see the full  list >>>





51 - 75 ▼

451 Solo boat with or without equipment


Boat fully equipped, ready for departure: 25 000 Euro


  TŰZHANGYA (Fire Ant)
One of a kind, super light, fast & safe boat for record aspirants
Winner of The First Prize in
the Hungarian Designer Trophy Competition

Built: 2006
Number of rowers: 2.
Length of trips done: 6.700 km (Cadiz – Grand Canaria – Antigua).
Duration between La Gomera and Antigua: 51 days 6 hours and 10 minutes.

Weight: 160 kg only (unloaded).
Length: 8,9 m.
Width: 1,65 m.
Draught: 2 m.

Overall condition: excellent, ready-to-go.

Super-light weight & high speed
We have built our boat of glass
fiber epoxy raisin, applying inbuilt Herex-foam sandwich structure and carbon-fibred special strengthening. As a result, the boat became super-light weighted, extraordinary strong, reliable, storm-proof and safe.

The carefully selected materials, the special structure, our own design and workmanship have contributed a great deal to a record-level crossing over the Atlantic: 51 days 6 hours and 10 minutes (only 4 hour behind the current record, although we started our trip more than 1 day rowing far from La Gomera).

Find more details and what it comes with: >>>



Challenge class Ocean Rowing boat

Click on the image

Formerly known as “Yantu” this boat was professionally built to a very high standard in 2001. The boat is 100% watertight and very simple to use. It has completed three unassisted crossings of the Atlantic from East to West, and has had a book written about it.

This is your chance to own a safe, reliable and fast boat with historic interest.
Apart from food, this boat comes complete with virtually all the 2005 mandatory race equipment including a full electrical refit and new spectra watermaker for the 2005 race.

Set up by rowers, (not us!), the seating positions are very comfortable. The boat also has a great foot steering mechanism which enables you to set the trim from either position and make quick changes in surf conditions.
Painted in white, the boat will not only keep you cool but allow you to customize it to your own design very easily (Just peel off the old stickers).

54 'C²' 
Having successfully completed the 2005 race, we would now like to offer someone else the opportunity to do so in what turned out to be a great boat.




Fast and safe - 2nd pairs boat home in 2005 Atlantic Rowing Race (51 days).  She performed brilliantly (when others were capsizing or falling apart).  Ready to do it again. 
Nearly complete race inventory - includes all equipment required by 2005 Woodvale rules (e.g. fixed EPIRB, handheld EPIRB, fixed VHF radio, handheld VHF radio, handheld VHF radio, fixed GPS, handheld GPS, fixed watermaker, handheld watermaker, Sea Me, solar panels, fixed compass, handheld compass (2), strobe light, lifejackets, survival suits, flares (none used!), harnesses, 2 pairs of oars, sea anchors, droque, ropes, first aid kit (largely still intact), tools, 2 axes, knives, fitted mattresses (very comfortable!) etc, etc). 
Also comms equipment - 2 Iridium satellite phones, date kit, iPaq handheld PC - in short just about everything you will need to make an ocean crossing! 
 And a trailer to tow her on too. 
Full inventory available on request. 
 We will also be happy to provide the boat's new owners with advice and support on the boat, race preparation, tactics etc. 


'Atlantic 4' (previously 'Queensgate')

Click on this image to see one more


 BOAT FOR SALE: Roswell and Adkin built composite hull. MUCH stronger than the flat packed plywood boats and with a far longer lifespan.
Two successful Atlantic crossings, no capsizes and the boat still holds the 4’s crossing record of 36 days and 1 hour.
Twin berth arrangement to suit 1 to 4 rowers. Would make a particularly good pairs boat due to the ability to have a working cabin (wet cabin) and sleeping cabin (dry cabin). Also bow cabin is below the waterline and body shaped to remove the problems of being thrown about in the main cabin when sleeping. The boat is acceptable for the next Woodvale race as a pair or solo.
EQUIPMENT: All equipment required for 2005 Woodvale race included. Some items in first Aid kit used, otherwise top up the satellite phone and go rowing. Includes several 'luxury' items, e.g. auto-helm and extra GPS mounted on deck to display speed / course information while rowing.
Trailer included - pick up and drive away.


56 'Row 4 Cancer'
click on the image to see one more



£20,000 (including all equipment - we are open to negotiation on equipment)

Team Row 4 Cancer have completed the 'epic' 2005 Atlantic Rowing Race and are offering future ocean rowers the chance to buy this fantastic fast and reliable boat!

Row 4 Cancer is one of only a few second hand Challenge Pairs class boats to have rowed an ocean just twice. The boat was built in France by professional boat builders in 2001 and has achieved crossing times of 64 days; 12 hours; 31mins (2001) and 60 days; 18 hours; 56 mins (2005).

In 2005 Row 4 Cancer was rowed by Liz O'Keeffe and Richard Mayon-White who became the first mixed pair to finish in Antigua and Liz the first girl to finish (beating both '4-girls' boats). They finished 8th overall (out of 26 starters) and 6th in the pairs class. Prior to their campaign Liz had no rowing experience and Richard had not rowed for many years. Their finishing position is testament to the volume of work put in to the complete refit of the boat throughout 2004/05 to make it fast, strong and very seaworthy. The boat rolled 4 times in the 2005 race, due to the extreme conditions and speeds traveled (max 18.6 knots!) but on each occasion she flipped straight back up again - not many boats can claim that!

It is with regret that we have to sell our beautiful boat!

Boat, Trailer, Electronic and Safety Equipment

We are very flexible in our approach to selling the boat.

We have available a full compliment of electronics, rowing and safety equipment (complete as required by the 2005 race rules), all brand new in 2005 (no equipment was bought second hand). This kit will largely get you to the start line of your trans-Atlantic row.

However we understand that rowers may want to kit themselves out with new safety and / or electronic equipment. As such we are flexible on price and equipment offered and included with the boat.

Whatever option you chose, the boat is in an immaculate condition (with trailer) and ready and waiting to go out rowing training this summer.

57 Fours boat  'Mission Atlantic' 

All hatches fitted
2 Solar Panels (rigid)
1 pair of oars (3.5m long),
1 fixed VHF
1 Sea-me radar
5 lifejackets
3 x seats (plus spare parts)
Tool kits
First Aid Kit (about 90% complete)
2 x blankets
Water containers (5 litre)
Spectra watermaker
Handheld watermaker
1 x skeg
1 x infamous toilet hatch!

open to offers
58 "Spirit of Cornwall"
Challenge class Ocean Rowing boat

Built in 2005 the boat made only one crossing and is in a very good shape. Bare boat, no equipment.  Capsized 150 miles from Antigua, the team was rescued,  the boat arrived ashore on her own, but the equipment was lost or damaged - that's why such a modest price.

59 'Ondine'



'Ondine' is for sale with all equipment needed for an ocean row. She is in excellent shape and is performing very well in her current journey from Portugal to Costa Rica.

'Ondine' was built in 1997 by professional British boatbuilders. A complete marine survey was done 6 months ago and confirmed the boat's excellent condition. This is her third Atlantic crossing. Her previous 2 were Woodvale races (she placed 6th in the 2001 race and was widely acknowledged as the best built boat in the 1997 race).

'Ondine' comes fully equipped,

which includes the following items  >>> (click here)

Please view photos on our website at www.expeditioncanada.com/photos/

860 Boat: Vopak Victory
Proven boat. Could carry 4 - 6 people.
4 sleeping places
3 rowing places
Very comfortable cabins
Very safe boat
Carbon safety beams.

Crossed Northern Atlantic in 60 days, summer 2005
Team Ocean Fours, Holland

Price we offer
Selling price: 20.000 British Pounds.
This is excluding watermaker, life raft, satt phones. And excluding trailer!


£ 20,000
61 'Row 4 Life' 

Equipment included in the sale:
Boat on road trailer with cover, auto helm, 4 oars, 3 seats, 2 survival suits, fully equipped grab bag, EPIRB, full flare kit, Katadyn water maker and hand spare, 2 magellan GPS, Iridium 'phone, IPAQ, liferaft etc. (ALL eqpt as per 2005 race rules)




click on the image to enlarge it

Ocean Rowing boat



Challenge class plywood boat.
I am an overseas owner, who was unable to get expected sponsorship and decided to sell the boat on.

Priced for a quick sale. Bare boat, needs some repairs that's why low price.  It will be much cheaper and faster to repair this boat than to build a new one.


£18,700 or 25,000 ˆ


Challenge class Ocean Rowing boat


                                          Click here to read the adv in French >>>

After 2 successful Atlantic crossing, this boat has been carefully and completely restored in 2006. Details available on demand



The price includes : The boat, the trailer and the equipment

All equipment has been bought in 2006 for this crossing, and is in perfect condition

Equipment includes:
1 Trailer
1 Electric watermaker
1 Handheld watermaker
5 sets of oars, 3 seats
1 Marine radio
1 VHF radio
1 SeaMe radar
4 Solar panels (1x45Watt, 1x50W, 2x18W)
2 marine batteries (80 Amp each) (click here to see the full list >>>)

Dehydrated food is also available.

 The boat has just crossed the Atlantic from Gran Canaria to French West Indies (Guadeloupe) in 51 days (Jan –Feb 2007). See www.hautemer.org for details (in French)

It is in excellent condition. It has been cleaned and prepared and is ready to go back at see.

  It is a great opportunity for ocean rowers who want a good and safe boat to cross the Atlantic, with not much time to prepare it.

Pick-up, drive away and cross

  TŰZHANGYA (Fire Ant)
One of a kind, super light, fast & safe boat for record aspirants
- Winner of  Hungarian Design Award 2007;

                   - Best of 2008 Adventure Honourees from National Geographic.


Built: 2006
Number of rowers: 1 - 3.
Length of trips done: 6.700 km (Cadiz – Grand Canaria – Antigua).
Duration between La Gomera and Antigua: 51 days 6 hours and 10 minutes.

Weight: 160 kg only (unloaded).
Length: 8,9 m.
Width: 1,65 m.
Draught: 2 m.

Overall condition: excellent, ready-to-go.

Super-light weight & high speed
We have built our boat of glass
fiber epoxy raisin, applying inbuilt Herex-foam sandwich structure and carbon-fibred special strengthening. As a result, the boat became super-light, extraordinary strong, reliable, storm-proof and safe.

The carefully selected materials, the special structure, our own design and workmanship have contributed a great deal to a record-level crossing over the Atlantic: 51 days 6 hours and 10 minutes (only 4 hour behind the current record to Antigua, although we started our trip more than 1 day rowing far from La Gomera).

Find more details and what it comes with: >>>

Click on the image to zoom it out and to view more pics





  Lightweight Solo Ocean Rowing Boat     

Designed by Phil Morrison
Fabrication: Jamie Fabrizio, Global Boat Works
Electrics:  Peter Litton

Length 5.9 meters, Width 1.67 meters, Height 1.37 meters

In fitting the boat out we used only the best products and all brand new. The electrical system is built as 2 independent systems to eliminate single point failure, solar panels, batteries and regulators etc. are all German engineered. All lighting system front and aft cabin plus external navigation light are LED.

The boat has an easy to operate salt water ballast tank. All hatches are Lewmar. All locker seals are waterproof and fully dry.

Included with the boat are: see the list of equipment >>>

This is probably the lightest and fastest ocean rowing boat currently for sale. Although classed as a solo it is roomy enough for a pair with single rowing. It certainly is a boat that will break records in the future and two others are currently under construction. I beat the pair by 5 days and made it to Barbados where as they were rescued 60 mile south of the island, we were on similar tracks and so encountered similar weather, but they couldn’t catch me.

 She is built using foam strips and sheathed in glass and Kevlar. (if you go to www.solosprint.com and look at the photo gallery there are full stage pictures of the build)
The hull is perfect and the boat so well balanced it will drift/get blown dead down wind even in rough seas.
More details >>>

 It performed very well on her debut crossing this year, had some issues with the barnacle growth and anti fouling that wasn’t sorted until halfway across and also had some very testing weather. The second half was extremely fast and the last day I rowed 11 hours and covered 46 miles (4.2 average) I admit I saw land and could taste the beer, but had also been covering good distance for the previous few weeks.

I wasn’t very fit before the row and had an operation on my back 6 weeks before the start to ease some problems with my back (broke it when I was 10) I took it steady as I wasn’t out to break records, I was after enjoying the experience!

 Boat ready to go.

Click on the image to enlarge it
Click here to view more pics of the boat




For sale - "Warrior"
 (formerly Atlantic Warrior)

Built in 1997, Warrior has proven herself with four Atlantic voyages and a crossing of the Indian Ocean in 2007.

click on the image



List of Equipment and Accessories


  1.       SPECTRA 150 Watermaker (new 05)

 2.        Trailer (new 04)

 3.        Epirbs (x2)

 4.        3 Oars

 5.        Icom 504 fix mount marine radio and antenna

 6.        Ocean Sentry Sea Me (radar)

 7.        2 Solar Panels

 8.        2 Marine Batteries

 9.        Fix mount GPS

10.       Fix Mount compass

11.       Life Raft

12.       Sea Anchor

13.       Small Drogue

14.       Sea Cook Stove (new – in box)

15.       2 Aquamate Solar Stills (emergency water production)

16.       Various accessories




Known as KENNETH C
Challenge class Ocean Rowing boat plus trailer

Currently rigged for solo rower but can be easily reverted for 2 rowers

The price includes :
2 pairs of oars
95 watt solar array
2 brand new gell batteries
Fixed VHF radio DSC - New
Deck steering compass
Bulk head steering compass
Katadyn Power survivor 40e water maker
C.A.R.D - Collision avoidance radar detector - New
Garmin 152 GPS - New
406 McMurdo EPIRB
Australian para anchor and recovery line
150N lifejacket
Force 10 cooker


Also various other bits of kit may be on offer for negotiation by any buyer : 100 days vegetarian ration packs - cooking gas.


Ocean Rowing boat


Rent £12,000

Rowsell & Adkin built composite hull (formerly Britannia Endeavour).
Two crossings, two records :
1. 2004 -  European record for fastest crossing of the Atlantic East - West in double (40d 17h 28min);
2 -  2006 - first solo to row the Atlantic West - East from Canada land to land.

Carnegie X-Stream is in excellent condition and comes on a trailer.


Equipment Includes:
406 Fastfind EPIRB
Sea Me Radar Beacon
Raymarine VHF Radio
2 x Raymarine Multi Repeaters
2 x Solar Panels
Iridium Antenna
CD Player
Para anchor
Spectra Water 150
Nav lights
2 x Sets of Blades
Force 10 Stove
Plus many other essential items of equipment!

Click here to see more pics >>>




69 "Atlantic Quest"
Rowsell and Adkin, built in 2005
 holder of the ‘Around Britain Record’.
Since Team Quest procured the vessel it has been race optimised by Global Boat works in Exmouth.
Carbon rudder, new solar panel configuration and yacht racing technology to optimise speed.

‘Great River Race 2006’ winner overall and fastest ocean row boat for the event; and she has just finished an Atlantic crossing in 37 days.

Equipment includes:
SeaMe Radar Beacon
VHF Radio
Navman GPS Plotter
Navman Repeater
Solar Panel interchanger
Para anchor
New Spectra Water maker professionally fitted by Furneaux Riddall
On board Cameras x 3
Nav lights
Brand new set of Blades

Boat professionally put together by Dom Mee and Team Quest.

It wouldn’t be bold to say it is the best boat on the market

click on the image to see a larger pic

and click here to see a pic of the arrival to Barbados


Ocean Rowing boat

Originally MacMillan Spirit and then Gurkha Spirit
Rowsell & Morrison built composite hull. MUCH stronger than the flat packed plywood boats and with a far longer lifespan.
Comes with all the technical equipment on board and a lot of extras.
She was professionally surveyed in 2005 and again in 2007 and found to be in perfect condition both times. Both surveys are available. She is in perfect condition and is as new. Professionally re-wired to IP65 standard in 2007, she has a Mastervolt automatic battery monitor and charge selector and back up battery system.

Equipment includes:
90WP of solar panels
Spare unused Katadyn hand operated water maker
Spectra watermaker with brand new pump, spare filters and spare pump head.
2 Jetboil cooker systems
Bespoke matting in rear cabin
Para anchor
Spare 50m ropes
2 spare drogues
Fixed and personal EPIRB
Fixed and handheld VHF
Ultra bright and low power LED cabin and all round external lights
Activ Echo radar transponder - more powerful than See Me.
Lots of watertights containers.

In short - everything you need to cross the Atlantic - Could include 2 new Sat phones in Peli cases in overall package.



70 Click here to see more pics >>>     >>>


  Ocean Row Boat  plus trailer    

The boat was built in Summer 2007 and has completed a successful crossing of the Atlantic East to West in 2008.

GEMINI is of GRP/foam sandwich construction and was built by Rossiter Yachts, Christchurch.

She is equipped with the following - all included in the price -
- Twin axle trailer
- 2 pairs sculling blades (never used)
- Fixed GPS
- Fixed VHF radio
- Power survivor 45e water maker
- 35W solar panels and regulator
- 2 X marine batteries
- SeaMe radar transponder
- Masthead light/internal lights
- Lumar hatches

In addition, we are also looking to sell:
4 man liferaft, EPIRB, flares and first aid kit.
 All are tested and in date. These are included in the price, but can be sold separately.



Click on the image to zoom it out and to view more pics




Part-built Morrison Pairs boat
epoxy and Kevlar


An opportunity to take over this boat at a significant discount to the present price and have it completed to your requirements.  The only thing you do not have any choice over is the colour - it’s white!  (It could be painted if necessary.)  The original project fell through when one of the partners dropped out.

The boat will be finished to our normal, immensely tough specification and CE-marked as a Category A Ocean Rowing Boat.  Unlike some of the older, plywood boats this should hold its second-hand value very well.  The boat is suitable for any ocean row and could be completed in plenty of time for sea time, display etc before the Atlantic 09 event.

Ocean Four Rowing boat





Record holder for the worlds roughest Sea - 32 Days Tasman Sea

One of two boats in the world, fantastically light, strong and stable. Built June 2007 by professional boat builder, it smashed the 67 day record for crossing the Tasman Sea from New Zealand to Australia coming in at 32 days with 10 days under sea anchor!

Constructed entirely of Duflex, the bare hull (ex-fittings and paint) weighs approx 350kgs. Its sister boat Vopak crossed the Atlantic in 60 days, narrowing missing the fastest record time.

 At 11 metres  long, it is extremely fast and stable, comfortably sleeping 3 in rear cabin, 1 forward cabin, and has 3 rowing positions. The only rowing boat built in Australia and crewed by Australians.

All equipment purchased in 2007, fully equipped for another record.

See attached file for List of Equipment >>>


Click here to see more pics >>>

Steven Gates
Managing Director
BASEfx Pty Ltd

+61 2 9879 4551 (land line)
 +61 407432852 (mobile)

 PO Box 282 Leichhardt NSW 2040


Ocean Rowing boat

The boat that rescued the British Stu and Ed !

According to Ed: "If we would have had a boat like yours, we would have broken the record."

According to Kenneth: "The most luxurious ocean rowboat I have ever seen"

The boat has been built privately using the advice and skills of professional builders.
Our goal: to build a boat which can survive the most extreme conditions and equipped to solve every problem.
After a crossing in 64 days we can say that she did more than well. Nothing broke down and she felt so safe that we were happy with storms (non rowing weather), because than we could escape from the routine and go for a long sleep.
Besides a few scratches in the paintwork she is ready to go. If you plan to start this year the deal also includes 200 portions of Adventure food.

Apart from all the technical equipment she comes complete with many extras:

Cardanic Jetboil cooking device. (nasi sateh in 90 seconds!)
Red sky leather mattress
Fishing gear
Spare rudder, rowing seats, slides.
Three rowing positions on one slide concept
A lot of, unasked for but free, advice
Ropes and fenders
Tiller pilot
Trailer (optional)
25 jerrycans
4 oars

click on the image to see a bigger picture


More pictures and information on www.oceaanroeien.nl




75 "Diogène"
Challenge class Ocean Rowing boat

"Diogène" successfully completed the 2001 Trans Atlantic Rowing Race and crossed the Atlantic for the second time in 2006 solo in 76 days.
It has been built in 2001 and maintained to the highest standard by J P Leach Boatbuilders in Cornwall. On return from the 2001 race, "Diogène" was fully overhauled by JP Leach and in 2005 by Marc Ginisty in France.
The boat has been maintained in perfect condition, kept in dry storage and is ready to go to sea for 2 rowers.
Sat phone not included.

Serge Jandaud:   sjandaud@infonie.fr
or at  +33 610125329 (France)
Ocean Rowing boat plus trailer is for sale


Open to viewing and currently based
 in Petersfield, Hampshire
on a decent trailer which is included in the price


To request the contact information of the seller
please write to ORS Int.


Built: 2007
Crossings: Indian Ocean '09 (11 days at sea), Atlantic ocean '10 (80 days at sea).

During her scrutineering for the Atlantic race she was deemed one of the best prepared boats to enter a Woodvale race and remains in the same condition, with the same equipment as when she began the race. An extremely smart and well-cared for boat. Fully equipped to the 2009 Woodvale specification.

Heritage Explorer (formerly 'Doing Time') was built and fully fitted out of a cost of over £45,000 for the Indian Ocean Rowing Race 2009. She only completed 11 days at sea before pulling out of the race due to lost and broken equipment. She was then bought in July 2009 for the Atlantic Ocean Rowing race 2009/2010. Before entering the race she had:
a full re-spray (£4,500),
new batteries,
extra solar panels added (a total of 185w),
an additional 9ft para anchor added to go with the 12ft,
a spare water-maker (35e) added to go with the Katadyn 40e and survival watermakers.
In short, she was prepared to deal with any scenario and to ensure that the crossing was completed. Masses of spares of everything and masses of advice.




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