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Ocean Rowing Trimaran

LOMOcean built a 1/10th scale boat for initial testing and then modified it the designs based on the results of testing.
Length: 11.77m
Width: 2.92m
she is long and sleek

Currently 95% fitted out with a couple of days work to implement changes to suit the individual destined to row her.


Wavepiercing Trimaran self righting Ocean Row boat. Solo rowing position but could be run as solo or multi Crew 2 or 3 man boat with two cabins.
Designed by the legends at LOMOcean - They are Designers of multi work record setting multihulls. She is built entirely in carbon and foam sandwich by the team at Pachoud Yachts. For six months I worked full time as apprentice building her alongside this team with backgrounds in the build of Americas cup and Volvo ocean race boats, kingfisher, ecover and other round the world boats she is very special boat and well thought out boat with only the best products and materials in her. Her finish is of a very high quality. - Yes I'm a bit fussy when it comes to planning and detail.

Before I set out down the design path I spent about 3 years researching books, blogs doco's and talking to everyone involved in the sport who let me fire questions at about their learnings and have taken each issue people have had and designed solutions around these. My brief was a boat suitable for a sprint row or an endurance row across the Pacific. It needed to be strong and safe, fast (consistent average not high top speed) and light, couldn't be accused of being a blow boat.

Oh and I forgot, she had to be super sexy... :)

Some special points to know:

- wave piercer - her wave piercing bow pushes through the first part of the wave reducing pitch before she rides over it allowing maintained momentum.
- Trimaran multi hull she is super stable with less roll allowing oars more time in the water
- Long waterline length makes her fast and consistent
- Self righting. Designed with a shape that she just cannot physically stay upside down. Being a multi hull she is so much more stable but of She does fall over She pops back up.
- Balanced spade Rudder under hung for efficiency and reliability with sacrificial bottom to allow breakaway if collision with submerged object. It has a tapered bearing to allow rudder replacement at sea of required.
- Forward dagger board to allow her to be held on course. In testing I had to lift dagger board to allow her bow to be pushed across by the wind. Dropping it enough to balance her to then hold desired heading
- Sleeping in pipe cot down low between bearers to minimize roll, movement and maximize rest
- Two cabins one rowing position. I was set up for solo voyage - could choose forward to aft cabin for balance in different conditions.
- Internal Oar storage within the forward cabin to keep spare oars and main oars safe when not in use.
- All storage hatches only accessed from internally to reduce water contamination risk. Using the hatch behind hatch theory
- Custom carbon fibre hatch panels in Cule offshore hatches.
- Carbon fibre table, hatch spanner hand grabs.
Rear view mirror and AIS for managing visability.
- Built in lift points to allow her to be easily and quickly lifted into the water in various locations.
- Full alloy tandem braked trailer with tilt cradles tilt the boat to narrow width up to be transported.
- There are tons of little ideas designed into the boat which would make this intro pages long. Best PM me to discuss.


Simrad electronics, NSS gps, ipod dock vhf, AIS weather vane and AC12 autopilot computer and SD10 Autopilot motor for efficiency and reliability.
BEP electrics, master switches, VSR, outlets and czone to allow both digital and manual control off circuits as run in Volvo boats.

Too much to list, so get in touch.





I have 100s of build photos and video to assist initial remote viewing !


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