The ORS Int. is the official adjudicator of ocean rowing records for Guinness World Records







New Ocean Wave is proud to announce the Third Pacific Rowing Race. It's a new route for ocean rowers to challenge. Organised and run by experienced ocean rowers, it offers a rich opportunity for breaking and setting world records.


New Ocean Wave has been setup by ocean rower Chris Martin who after becoming the 30th person to row across the Atlantic E-W solo then became part of the first team to row across the North Pacific Ocean in 2009.
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RESTLESS by John Peck.
There have been many books by famous climbers, endurance athletes, champion rowers, senior leaders and explorers. Far fewer are the accounts of extraordinary adventures by ordinary men and women. John Peck is that ordinary man and Restless is his extraordinary account of a life spent testing his resilience and resourcefulness to the limit (click here for details >>>)


Ocean rower, adventurer Dom Mee
finally tells the full story of his ordeal fighting the most powerful force on earth and living to tell the tale.
His book
KITING THE HURRICANE is now available online (click here for details >>> )


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A unique and stunning model, a memento of your adventure...

Julian McHardy (ARR 2001) has developed and is selling a beautiful scale model of a 2 man ocean rowing boat.   Can be finished in Rhodium, Bronze or Sterling Silver and will be personalized with your own boat number and whatever text  that you want on the plaque  For details >>>