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 Charlotta Noren is on standby in El Hierro
  Phil McCorry & Dan Renner vs. James Fitzgerald & Kevin Biggar - Day 40



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Now at Sea :     Phil McCorry & Dan Renner
Vladimir Maximov  
'Toby Wallace'
Alan Lau 
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On Standby :    Charlotta Noren
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18 solo entrants in the Ocean Rowing Race  "Rames Guyane 2014" , - started their row across  the Atlantic E-W from Dakar, Senegal to Cayenne, French Guiana along the route Trade Winds II

Race started on October 18, 2014 at 11:00GMT


 Phil McCorry & Dan Renner (GB)




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ORS page 20.12.14

are rowing the Atlantic E-W  from Puerto Mogan, Gran Canaria and make land in Barbados in no more than 45 days onboard Gaby Hardwicke Atlantic Challenge, but they are looking to beat the current world record.

See comparative chart for Day 40
Phil McCorry & Dan Renner vs. James Fitzgerald & Kevin Biggar


In order to beat the record, Phil & Dan have to cross the finish line of Barbados
 before December 21, 2014 18:10GMT
Left Puerto Mogan, Gran Canaria on November 10, 2014 at 13:21GMT


 Vladimir Maximov (Russia)




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is rowing the Atlantic E-W from Lisbon, Portugal to Panama on board a custom-built Rossiter Rowing Boats'  "Solaris".

Left Lisbon, Portugal on November 16, 2014. at 09:30GMT



 Simon Chalk - skipper (GB), Noel Watkins (NZ), Roland Burr,  John Farndale, Stephen Harpin, Oliver Waite, Jeremy Webb (GB)



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Team of Seven on board Toby Wallace are rowing the Atlantic E-W from Gran Canaria to Barbados trying to beat the current speed record of average speed  3.386knts and reach the finish line of PSC Barbados in less than 32 days.

Left Puerto Mogan, Gran Canaria on November  24, 2014 at 21:59GMT 

   Alan Lau  (GB)




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is rowing the Atlantic E-W from Gran Canaria to Barbados on board an ocean rowboat "Curryfishball".

Departed Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria on Sunday  December 7, 2014 at 08.05 GMT  


   Charlotta Norén (Sweden)



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is going to undertake another attempt to row solo across the Atlantic E-W from El Hierro, Canary Islands to Dominica, Caribbeans on board BLIMKA. The first attempt was made on December 3, 2014 from Marina San Miguel, Tenerife. After three days out at sea BLIMKA was towed to El Hierro due to problems with communication system.
Now the date of departure depends on getting the permission to leave from Tenerife Port authorities.

On StandBy in Marina La Restinga, El Hierro








 Angelo Wilkie-Page (South Africa)




Tracking page

is going to circumnavigate the Globe under human power fro East to West and Pole to Pole, which will include rowing the Atlantic Ocean.The expedition is expected to take a period of eight years. The adventurer kicked off his journey from Santa Monica Pier, Ca. 

Started his journey on November 20th 2014 from the Santa Monica Pier, Ca.


Calendar of ocean rows in 2014

Calendar of ocean rows in  2015





Sam Greatrex, Tara Adams, Sarah Weldon, Jim Alsford + 1 are going to row the Atlantic E-W from continental Europe to continental South America - from Lagos, Portugal to Georgetown, Guyana via the Canary Islands.
The departure is scheduled for Mid-January 2015

Leven Brown, Thato Mabeline, Julie Dunne, Don Lennox, James Robins, Caetano Altafin, Stuart Connacher & Nikki Brown - are going to row the Atlantic E-W from Gran Canaria to Barbados on board a super quick Rossiter's Avalon aiming for sub 30 day time.
The start is scheduled for
January  17, 2015 (weather permitting)


Sonya Baumstein (USA)

Emma Mitchell, Isobel Burnham, Laura Penhaul and Natalia Cohen (GB) - are going to row the Pacific E-W from Long Beach, California to Cairns, Australia on board "Doris" to become the first all-female crew to row across the Pacific. The departure is planned for April 2015.


is preparing to row the North Pacific W-E from Japan to San Francisco on board her yet to be named solo boat. The departure is scheduled for 2015.


Erden Eruc (Turkey)


Andras Bakos (Hungary) &
 Erik Harrewijn (NZ)

plans to row across the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea - from New York City to Portugal, and then heading through the Mediterranean toward Anzac Cove near Gallipoli in Turkey - to pay tribute to his countrymen and Australian and New Zealand soldiers who died in the Dardanelles during the Great War.
News article >>>


intend to row the Atlantic W-E from New York to Paris non-stop on board a trimaran style ocean rowboat Samson. The departure is planned for May 2015 

The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2015 Run by Atlantic Campaigns
from San Sebastian de La Gomera, Canary Islands, Spain

Solo, Pairs, Fours.

The start is scheduled for December 2015



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