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March 18, 1944 -  January 17, 2016

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 Maxim and Stefan Ivanov (Bulgaria)

Exe Endurow

Tez Steinberg Lia Ditton
Now at Sea        





  Returned / Rescued / Suspended / Lost at sea :      Angela Madsen 

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Calendar of ocean rows in   ●  2020




    Angela Madsen (USA)







Was rowing The Pacific E-W solo from Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles County, CA. USA to Honolulu HI on board Rowoflife to become the oldest woman to row an ocean solo, the first paraplegic to row an ocean solo, the only person to row on 3 oceans + to circumnavigate The Great Britain.

"With extreme sadness I must announce that Angela Madsen will not complete her solo row to Hawaii. I received her last text Saturday night. Sunday she was not responding to my text messages. When I checked the main message inbox she had not returned any messages. When I looked at the tracking it did not appear that she was rowing the boat, but rather that is was drifting. Knowing she was planning to enter the water to fix her hardware to deploy the para-anchor from the bow, I was concerned she did not text when she got back on the boat. She was about as far from any land as she could get and the communication can be a challenge, I was hopeful but still had a feeling of heaviness in my chest. Soraya contacted the US Coast Guard and explained our concern. They diverted a Cargo Ship to render aid. German registered ship, Polynesia, answered to call. They were in route to Tahiti from Oakland. They were 11-12 hours from RowofLife. In the meantime, the US Coast Guard, sent a C17 for a fly over about 8-9pm. The plane saw Angela in the water, apparently deceased, tethered to RowofLife but was unable to relay that information due to poor satellite coverage. When the Polynesia arrived about 11PM Monday night they found and recovered Angela’s body. RowofLife is adrift and we are working on its recovery. Angela is now in route to Tahiti without me, which was not our agreement.
Angela was living her dream. She loved being on the water as you could see from the photos she sent. Please be patient with me as I am not a phone person and I’m pretty overwhelmed with tasks at the moment. I am sad but ok. I never planned a life without her so be patient with me while I figure all of this out. Thank you for all your support. Angela was truly touched by your support. Thank you to the US Coast Guard and the Captain and Crew of the Polynesia."

Debra Bogan Madsen

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Left Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica at 7:50UTC on April 24, 2020

Lost at sea on June 23, 2020






    Maxim and Stefan Ivanov (Bulgaria)






 FB page

Completed their Atlantic East to West row from Portumao, Portugal to Barbados on board Neverest.


Left Portumao, Portugal at 6:40 UTC on June 14, 2020
Stopped for repairs at 8:35 UTC on June 26, 2020
Resumed from Lanzerote, Canary Islands at 8:35UTC on July 5, 2020
Arrived to Barbados at 16:00 UTC on October 6, 2020



    Lia Ditton (UK)


Days : hours minutes

86 : 10 : 6

 FB page >>>

Completed her Mid-Pacific East to West solo row from San Francisco, California to Waikiki, O'ahu Hawaii

Left Corinthian Yacht Club, San Francisco at 06:02 UTC on 18th June, 2020
Arrived at Waikiki, O'ahu, Hawaii at 16:08 UTC on September 12, 2020


    Tez Steinberg (USA)



      Days : hours minutes

70 : 22 : 30


 FB page >>>


Completed his Mid-Pacific East to West solo row from Monterey, California to Kaneohe, O'ahu, Hawaii aboard Moderation.

Left Monterey at 06:30 UTC on July 3, 2020
Arrived at Kaneohe, O'ahu, Hawaii at 05:00 UTC on September 12, 2020







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Team Exe Endurow completed their row around Mainland Great Britain.



Set off down the Thames from Tower Bridge, London at 01:30UTC on July 5, 2020

Stopped for repairs on July 10, 2020

Arrived at Tower Bridge on August 16th, 2020 in 42 days, 8 hours, 23 minutes.





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Any crews who has not registered with the Ocean Rowing Society International as a member will have a single line of text here giving details of their row. They will be included in the overall statistics but their rows and any records achieved will not be registered with the Guinness World Records or include links to their website, tracking etc.


Calendar of ocean rows in 2020



Peter Rhodes (UK)


is going to row solo the Atlantic West to East from Canada - from St Johns, Newfoundland to Oban, Scotland.
The departure is planned for: Postponed
FB page >>>



Matt Mason, Joel Mcglynn, Ian Clinton, Dom Rogers (all UK)


are going to row the Atlantic West to East from New York, USA to London, England.
The departure is planned for: Postponed
FB page >>>




Stu Morton (UK)

  Olly Hicks (UK)

a former Royal Marines Commando will resume his  attempt to row the Atlantic E-W solo from Lagos, Portugal to Miami, USA on board Soma to become the first person to row from Mainland Europe to Mainland North America non-stop.
The departure is planned for December 2020

  is preparing to circumnavigate the Southern Hemisphere W - E solo. The Global Row voyage encompasses all of the world's major Oceans, covering over 18,000 nautical miles, and will take approximately 18-22 months
The departure
is planned for December 2020








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