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STATISTICS OF OCEANROWING is the first and only site dedicated to the History of Oceanrowing.

It was created in 1997 in California by  American Tom Lynch,
 re-designed in 2000 by Ukrainian oceanrower Theodore Rezvoy
 and built on information compiled mainly by
 D. H. (Nobby) Clarke (formally of Guinness Book of Records, UK),
 British oceanrowers Geoff Allum and Mike Nestor,
and the founder of the Ocean Rowing Society British/American Kenneth F.Crutchlow
during the last 30 years.

To keep up with the modern oceanrowing statistics, Kenneth F.Crutchlow and team of -
 a handful of private individuals in the world, - have put in an enormous effort over many years.
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Last update March 2015

All Ocean Rowing Departures in Chronological Order


Completed Ocean Rows in Chronological Order

Incomplete Ocean Rows in Chronological Order



Ocean Rows    Ocean  Rowers     Crossing Time


Ocean rows

Ocean Rows Completed  (by oceans and categories)
Ocean Rows Incomplete  (by oceans and categories)
Statistics of All Ocean Rows in Figures
Index of successful  ocean rows by oceans and categories

Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic East to West

Atlantic West to East

Solo Rows Solo Rows
Double Rows Rows West to East
"Trade Winds 2"  Solo Rows  
Rows from: Rows from:
Canary Islands and Morocco  Canada 
Gran Canaria   ●   Tenerife  ●  La Gomera  USA
La Palma & El Hierro  ● Morocco Cape Cod Area ● NY Area
Cape Verde and Senegal (Trade Winds 2)  
Rows to:  
Antigua   ●   Barbados   ●  Solo to Barbados   
Guadeloupe & Martinique and other West Indies  
South America  ●  North America  
Ocean Rows by Country  
Ocean Solo Rows By Country  

Pacific Ocean

Indian Ocean

Pacific Ocean Rows

Indian Ocean Rows

Mid-Pacific Ocean Rows

Ocean Rows from / to Australia & NZ  and Trans-Tasman Rows

Arctic Ocean Around Britain

Completed Solo Rows in/to Southern Hemisphere
 (Atlantic, Pacific, Indian oceans and Tasman Sea)



Ocean rowers

List of Oceanrowers (rows completed) - country, year of row, image ( 735 )
List of Oceanrowers (rows incomplete)

Rowers who were the first

Lost at sea
Multiple crossings by one person
List of ocean rowers who rowed an ocean / oceans twice or more    ( 46 )


Oceanrowers by Country

Ocean Solo Rows By Country

Women ocean rowers

Ocean rows by women

Ocean rows by women solo  
Rows by related persons (out of date)
Age records
 Date of birth & row; age at the start     A - J  ●  K - Z
The youngest and the oldest rowers and teams (by oceans, categories and gender)
Age of solo rowers at the start
Oceanrowers over 50 years old


Returned, rescued, lost at sea.



Crossing Time

Longest distance in 24 hours (all routes)  
Atlantic East to West
"Trade Winds I"  
Holders of World Records Club "100+"
  Ocean rows of more than 100 days:
Club "Under 41"  
The fastest 13 boats  in decreasing order
  in order of departure
Club "Under 45"

from Canary Islands

Crossing time of less than 45 days  
Club "Under 60"


Crossing time of less than 60 days - Pairs


in races             ● independent


 All Oceans

"Club 100+"

Ocean rows of  more than 100 days  in decreasing order Solo rows of more than 100 days  in decreasing order
Ocean rows of more than 100 days  in order of departure Solo rows of more than 100 days  in order of departure

"Club 180+"

Ocean rows of more than 180 days

Solo rows of more than 180 days


"Club 250+"

The longest total time at sea ( 250+ days)


Ocean rowboats

Types of Ocean rowboats

       Ocean rowboats, that changed their names or rowers







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