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June 2005

Humane Society award for Atlantic rowing lifesaver

 Atlantic rower and former SAS diver Pete Bray has been awarded a bronze medal by the Royal Humane Society in recognition for his bravery in an Atlantic row last August.

Bray is considered to have saved the life of crewmate Jonathan Gornall after their boat was hit a Force 11 storm and split in two during an 1,800-mile row from Newfoundland., Canada, to Falmouth.

Gornall said: ”We knew that bad weather was coming and we had battened down and made ourselves as ready as possible. This included putting on our survival suits. It was so hot, however, in the rear cabin that I unzipped my suit and pulled the rubber neck seal over my head. Very, very stupid. After a wave struck I fought my way out of the wreckage only to realise that instead of floating I was sinking. Just then Pete appeared, ordered me not to panic and supported me in the water as I did my best to get the sea out of my suit. I have no doubt Pete saved my life. He then went on to retrieve our liferaft, in the extremely difficult circumstances, which at the very least contributed to, if not insured, our survival.”

Julian Spicer OBE from the Royal Humane Society commented, “Pete’s bravery in the face of danger was outstanding and his medal is extremely well deserved.”

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