The ORS Int. is the official adjudicator of ocean rowing records for Guinness World Records


History of ocean row boats
designed by Phil Morrison as a ''Double/Solo'' , "Solo" and "Four" (in process)


In 1996 Chay Blyth engaged Phil Morrison to design an ocean rowboat; the result was a boat that came in kit form and took approx. 650 hours to be assembled. That boat  known as the ''Challenge Class ocean rowboat'', a boat that  proved itself on 3 oceans.
In 2004 the challenge Business was sold to Woodvale Events.

In 2002 Fedor Konyukhov  (Russia) asked Phil Morrison to design him a light/fast one off ocean rowboat that was to become Uralaz, which broke the record for a solo row across the Atlantic East - West.

In 2002 Theodore Rezvoy (Ukraine) asked Phil to design him a boat along the lines of the Uralaz; Ukraine was a one off from which mould was made and 7 boats - Queensgate, Macmillan Spirit, Sedna solo,, All Relative, Lady  Georgia, GB row challenge,  Britannia Endeavour, - were built from this mould by Rowsell and Morrison, later to be known as Rowsell and Adkin.
That mould was also bought by Woodvale Events.

In 2006 Phil Morrison put the design into the public domain and Rossiter Yachts built Gemini (for team of Alan Lock  & Matt Boreham), from which a mould was made. Boats from this mould are now available for solo or double.

Phil Morrison has been ask by ORS Int. to design a 4s boat, production is due to begin in March 2008.

In 2007 Phil Morrison designed a one off solo sprint boat for Dave Clarke called Positive Outcomes, making Phil Morrison the only ocean rowboat designer to produce multiple design ocean rowboats.


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