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If you wish to offer an ocean rowboat  and/or equipment  for sale on this page,
 send us an e-mail message  
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 including selling price and a photo/photos
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There is a charge of £100.00
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   Attention of the potential buyers !  

This Sale Page is organized to help ocean rowers to sell their boats after the row is over, and to assist the potential adventurers in buying vessels for their planned rowing expeditions.

Unfortunately, more and more often visitors to this page get disappointed when, after a long review of the details of various boats, they opt for a certain one, contact the seller, but in response they learn that the boat has already been sold.
Alas, this is human psychology - while wanting to advertise the sale of a boat on our website, all sellers agree to all conditions and promise to immediately inform us about its sale. But when it's done, some of them ...  just forget about the promise.

We are respectfully asking you, potential buyers - help us keep this page up-to-date, save the same as you future ocean rowers from frustration!
Please, let us know when you agree on a purchase and share with us your opinion: how well do we display the boats for sale, what can be improved, whether we helped you in buying your boat. It will help us to improve our service.

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Fibre Glass Ocean Rowing Boats          Plywood Ocean Rowing Boats
Price range 19,000 - £69,000 Price range  6.000 - 21.000
Emerson Kutsch - Rames Guyane Solo    new price
Layla Southern Cross  
Saddle Sand Sea (R20) Dream It Do It
Rough & Ready Eve Akua
Washington's Crossing 
Hope Multihull Boats
  Miss Jay



Atlantic Ocean Rowing Boat Playhouse  

  6-man Ocean Rowing Boat Mould
  Pedal Ocean Boat 
  Ocean Rowboats On Loan and Sold