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The ORS Int. is the official adjudicator of ocean rowing records for Guinness World Records


                              The Ocean Rowing Society Int. - its team and its founder  >>>

Kenneth Frank Crutchlow,
the Founder and the President of the The Ocean Rowing Society Int. since 1983, (Bio)
March 18, 1944 -  January 17, 2016


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Comparative charts of the positions of Stein Hoff / Rannoch Women's Challenge on June 23, at 12:00 UTC and
Stein Hoff / Oliver Hicks on Day 38

Duncan Hutchison is planning to row the Atlantic W-E

James Ketchell started his around GB row


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Great Pacific Race
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 Stein Hoff (Norway)




A comparative chart of the positions of
Stein Hoff and
Rannoch Women's Challenge
on June 23, at 12:00 UTC

ORS tracking        FB page -  Stein Hoff - Atlantic Row 2016
YB tracking Press  15.05  Comparative chart of the positions of Stein Hoff and Oliver Hicks on Day 38

is rowing  the Atlantic W-E solo on board Fox II to commemorate and honour the first ever row across an ocean by Norwegian-Americans Georg Harbo and Gabriel "Frank" Samuelsen 120 years earlier, as well as hoping to be the first Norwegian to row the Atlantic from West to East solo.
The started in Battery Park, Manhattan, New York and will end in St. Mary, Scilly Isles, England.
When successful, Stein will become the oldest (71) person to row an ocean solo.

Left North Cove Yacht Harbor, Manhattan, New York at 12:00GMT (8:00EDT, local time) on May 15, 2016  


 Karlis Bardelis & Gints Barkovskis (Latvia)



FB page - blog
YB tracking

Bored of Borders team are taking the slowest way to Rio - rowing on board Linda across the South Atlantic from Luderitz, Namibia, to Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, the home town of the XXXI Summer Olympic Games

Luderitz, Namibia on May 4, 2016 at 07:00GMT

Run by New Ocean Wave
Pairs and Fours
from Monterey, California
to Diamond Head, Oahu, Hawaii
Start is scheduled for June 2016

Eight crews, with representatives from 11 different countries set off on Saturday , at 6pm June 4 2016
(June 5, 2016 at 01:00GMT)
 from Monterey, CA.




FB page

a Crew of Five - Rannoch Women's Challenge, - are attempting to row the Atlantic W-E from New York to the Scilly Isles and on to Falmouth on board Liberty to become the first all-women crew to row the Atlantic W-E

Left Liberty Landing Marina,  New Jersey, USA
at 15:20GMT (11:20EDT)  on June 7, 2016


   Scott Butler (UK) 



FB page

continues his journey from UK to the summit of Elbrus, which consists of 1800 mile cycle ride through Europe to the Western coast of the Black Sea (Burgas, Bulgaria), a solo row of 750 miles across the Black Sea - on board Pacific Pete, - to the far reaches of the Eastern coast (Batumi, Georgia), a bicycle ride of couple of hundred miles to the base of Mount Elbrus and finally - climbing the highest mountain in Europe.
He had finished his cycling leg to Bulgaria in 2015, but had to postpone the start of the sea journey for a year

Left  Burgas, Bulgaria at 5:58UTC (8:58 local time) on Sunday, June 12 2016


 Laval St. Germain (Canada)




Canadian adventurer is making an attempt to row solo across the Atlantic W-E from Halifax, Canada to Brest, France on board his custom-built ocean rowboat True Blue.

Left Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada at 9:00GMT June 15, 2016 

James Ketchell (GB)




is rowing solo, non-stop and unsupported around the coast of Great Britain, a distance of almost 2,000 miles. A feat that has not yet been achieved by anyone. The row is from and to Londons iconic Tower Bridge and take James clockwise around GB

Started his row from St Katherine's Dock, London on Saturday, June 25  2016 at 17:00BST








For details  >>>

Yorkie Lomas & Phil Langman (GB)   Mick Dawson and Steve Grenham (GB)



Calendar of ocean rows in  2016

Riaan Manser & Vasti Geldenhuys (SA)


Andras Bakos (Hungary) &
 Erik Harrewijn (NZ)

are going to celebrate their honeymoon by rowing the Mid-Pacific route from California to Hawaii on board "Honeymoon". The couple have already rowed the Atlantic E-W in 2014 from African coast to NY.
The departure is planned for Summer 2016.
Press article 15.05


intend to row the Atlantic W-E from New York to Paris non-stop on board a trimaran style ocean rowboat Samson. The departure is planned for Summer 2016


Joseph Gagnon,
Jean Gagnon,  

Monika Gagnon (CAN)


Olly Hicks (GB)

Joseph in team with his father Jean and aunt Monika intend to set on three expeditions:
rowing 800 miles down the St. Lawrence River - team of Three, Summer 2016;
rowing across the North Atlantic W-E from Canada to France.- team of Three, Summer 2017;
rowing across the North Atlantic W-E from Canada to France solo - Joseph, Summer 2018
FB page >>>


is preparing to circumnavigate the Southern Hemisphere W - E solo and unsupported. The Global Row voyage encompasses all of the world's major Oceans, covering over 18,000 nautical miles, and will take approximately 18-22 months
The departure from Tasmania is planned for December 2016


Peter Van Kets & Braam Malherbe  (SA)


Grant Axe Rawlinson (New Zealand)
Alan Silva (Australia)

 will be rowing across the South Atlantic Ocean on board Spirit of Madiba from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro during the next Cape to Rio yacht race, starting at the end of December 2016

Peter Van Kets >>>

FB Braam Maherba >>>


are planning a Human Powered expedition "Rowing Home", which will include rowing from Singapore to Darwin (2600 miles), cycling from Darwin to Sydney and rowing across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand (1300 miles).
The departure is scheduled for
December 2016
FB page >>>


Calendar of ocean rows in  2017


Charlie Martell  (GB)  


Duncan Hutchison (GB)

is going to undertake another attempt to row across the Pacific W-E solo, from Choshi, Japan to San Francisco on board Blossom
The departure is planned for Summer 2017
News article
>>>  9.04.2015


intends to embark on a challenge to complete a 3,500 mile solo row across the Atlantic W-E from New York to Lochinver (North West Scotland), in a self-built, clinker style skiff converted for ocean rowing. The departure is planned for May 2017



Jacob Adoram (USA) 


Stian Aker & Rune Malterud (Norway)

intends to row the Pacific E-W solo in a purpose built ocean rowboat  from Washington State to Northeast Australia.
The departure is planned for Summer 2017


Norwegian adventurers (winners of the First Race to South Pole 2008/099) plan to row the Atlantic W-E from New York, USA to England, retracing the route of Harbo&Samuelsen,  on board a purpose-built boat in less than 55 days.
The departure was scheduled for  2016, but has been postponed for one year due to health problem
Plan to depart in June 2017



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