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Mono-hull Ocean Rowboats  - Holders of World Record
on the Route Atlantic East - West
Classic Trade Winds I
in chronological order



Country Name of the boat Average Speed Record Set On
Name Surname
1 John Fairfax GB Britannia 0.91 m/h 180d
July 19 1969
2 Don Allum GB QE3 1.62 m/h 74d March 26 1971
Geoff Allum
3 Sean Crowley GB In Finnegans Wake 1.78 m/h 73d April 14 1986
Mike Nestor
Gerard Seibel France La Mondiale 3.48 m/h 35d 8h 30min April 29 1992
Jacques Busson
Jean-Claude Coucardon
Hervé Douard
Patrick Gollnish
Thierry Judet
Jean Jauras
Charles Henry de la Moynerie
Jean-Louis Landry
Philippe Priou
Francesco Sanchez


Leven Brown GB/
Republic of Ireland
La Mondiale 3.75 m/h 33 days 7h 30min January 17 2008  
Peter Donaldson
Mike Tooth
Julian Barnwell
Reinhardt von Hof
Ray Carroll
Charlie Taylor
Stuart Kershaw
Don Lennox
Oliver Dudley
 Rob Loder-Symonds
 Peter Luard
Jamie  Walker
 Liam Hughes


Matt Craughwell GB Sara G 3.9 (3.896) m/h


Actual -
33d 21h 46min

 ET* -
32 days

February 8 2011 11:16GMT
Graham Carlin
Thomas Cremona Malta
Rob Byrne Republic of Ireland
Adam Burke
Fiann Paul Iceland

                * ET - in order to give you a better idea of what is the difference in crossing time and how much it depends on the departure point and distance of the route,  we have calculated
                          what  would  be the result if the last two boats in the list above rowed from Gran Canaria and marked this "would be time" as ET. So above you can see the actual time of
                          crossing and ET - what would be the time if the boat departed from Gran Canaria. For illustration purpose only.

Starting with the new season (Autumn/Winter 2011/2012) we will recognize two classes of ocean rowing boats:
 mono-hull class and multi-hull class,
 hence the speed records  for these two classes
have to be recognized separately.

Multi-hull Ocean Rowboats - Holders of World Speed Record
on the Classic Route Atlantic East - West
 Trade Winds I


Chris Covey


Hallin Marine 3.84 m/h
Actual -
31d 23h 31min

 ET* -
32 days 12h 12min

February 7 2011
Paddy Thomas
Naomi Hoogesteger
Justin Johanneson
Jack Stonehouse
David Hosking


Ocean Rowing Speed Record for crossing the Atlantic East to West

The average speed is the core of the Ocean Rowing Speed Record, which  is " which boat is the fastest"; with so many variable start points and finishes, the calculation of distance covered over time is and will remain the only way to sort the fastest from the rest. The decisive factor for a record claim is to calculate an overall average crossing speed, derived  from the distance "as the crow flies" and the actual crossing time.  
The average speed rules are a natural forward looking progression of the sport.

 There are two routes qualifying for Atlantic Ocean East to West World  Rowing Record :
 Atlantic Trade Winds I (Classic) and Atlantic Trade Winds II


To qualify for the Ocean Rowing World Record on route Atlantic East to  West "Trade Winds I" (Classic) the crew or solo  rower should:

1. row land to land without any assistance;
2. start at any point in the Canaries or continental Africa (North from or from 27:35N, the longitude of the Southern point of El Hierro, i.e. the southern boundary of the Canaries), and finish at any Caribbean Island or South America assuming  that a point to point distance is not less than 2500 nautical miles and not exceeding 2900 nautical miles as the crow flies;

 Departures from Cape Verde or continental Africa (south from 27:35N) is recognized as a separate route, an Atlantic Ocean Trade Winds II.
 This is in recognition of the fact, that :
a) when taking this route, rower/rowers are benefitting by getting straight into Trade Winds and currents  and
b) leaving from Cape Verde shortens  the traditional (Classic) rowing distance by approximately 600 miles (assuming  finish in Caribbean) and by 1000 nautical miles with finish in South  America.

 To qualify for the Ocean Rowing World Record on route Atlantic East to  West "Trade Winds II"  the  crew or solo rower should:

 1. row land to land without any assistance from aside;
 2. start at any point in Cape Verde or continental Africa (south from 27:35N) and finish in  Caribbean or South America.


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